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Enjoying a cup of redbush tea while i write this blog

Enjoying a cup of redbush tea while i write this blog

Just had a mouthful of tea to get me started. It has been a funny old week.Monday i was at the podiarist for my toes. I have hammer toes and i thought i would get them looked at to hopefully stop an operation on them. Eventually they will have to be done,but i'm going to do everything to put that off as long as possible. I have thingys put between my toes to see how they go and what good they will do. Insoles look likely next. I'm not wearing the proper shoes and boots. You all know me quite well and you know how i feel like giving in to this disease,i like my shoes,bags,clothes and i don't like the idea of being sensible. Like everything i will have to go sensible at some time.

On wednesday we went on a xmas parcel run down to the family in ely and villages. A journey that should have taken only just over an hour took three hours,due to crashes on the a14. It was a long day for me. It was lovely to see the family.

Yesterday i saw shrink(lovely lady) and it was an interesting meeting. Why do i always cry when i'm there. I am still overdoing it as i can't pace very well. I think i'm still very unhappy with my condition and i think i'm still angry at the disease that is over taking me. Does that make sense to anyone. I've had this disease for 8yrs,but its only in the last 2 that it has got worse.

Saturday i am supposed to go to birmingham for a tattoo at the n.i.a. My daughter is carrying the standard there. She has to be there at 1pm for rehearsal and the show starts at 6pm. I was looking forward to going as it gave me a chance to see the german and local markets. It looks like if i go it will be a very long day for me as we won't get home until 10pm at the earliest. Hubby did say he would run up to birmingham and drop her off and then come back for me. I have told him no as brum isn't like going to coventry. I don't think its fair to put him through it as he is still not well yet though he is getting there. So i am going to stay at home. Also its very cold here and i would suffer from the cold as it is.

Today hubby has gps appointment and hopefully he will get things sorted out. I will post all our cards as well. I usually have them in the post by now. Then we are off shopping. Why does the weekly shop come round so quick!!!!

Hope everyone is safe and warm after all this horrible weather we are having.

SYlvi. x

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Hello Sylvi

I can totally understand what you say - you have a life to live and things to do and sometimes it just is so hard trying to manage that and the ra. I think when you get the opportunity to talk about how hard it actually is without fearing that you are complaining or moaning, it is just overwhelming so its understandable that you break down now and then.

You are well organised, it must be a relief to have all the Christmas stuff out of the way. I have yet to do the shopping and i am feeling a lot below par - i just about can do my work and look after the kids - after that i am exhausted. The arava isn't kicking in yet, my iron is low and my upper back, shoulders and arms are bearing the brunt of the pain.

Its the end of the working week and i have people visiting tomorrow so that should be fun - might make a big bowl of non alcoholic punch to get into the christmassy mood.

Its much calmer today isn't it? We had quite a few gales yesterday but not as bad as Scotland. Right i'm of to an appointment with the occupational therapist and then into work. Have a good day.


Hi Sylvi, enjoy the Redbush. I drink Green Tea which I find very relaxing and is also supposed to help with weight loss.

Wish I had known you were coming down to Ely etc as we could have met up somewhere for a coffee!

Hope you have a lovely day in Birmingham but don't over do it and find a nice hotel to relax in if you get cold and start to feel bad.

My shoulder is very bad today after the ministrations of the physio yesterday so going to put some heat on it when I have my coffee.

Gales here last night and very cold. Quieter today but still bitterly cold in the wind. Have been out to the chemist and down into town to get my nails done and bought some things for the children who are coming this afternoon - we are picking them up from school as son and daughter in law are at a funeral.

Bumped into a friend who had put her back out in bed by twisting over so she was hobbling as well.

I'm also waiting for an appt with the Podiatrist but have been told it could be 4 months! Just don't believe we have to wait so long for things which are essential. Just love the NHS. no wonder so many (including me) go privately when in need rather than waiting months.

LavendarLady x


LL and Mads,its B""""y freezing here today. We have been to bedworth,then makro and wehave still to go to asda yet. I have leggings on under throusers,thermal vest and sweatshirt on and i'm cold. I've also got fingerless gloves on as well. My splint that the ot has given has to stitched up before i can wear it again.Hubby has just made me a cup of tea,i think i will then go and put the heating on.

It hasn't been a good morning for me. Hubby went to the gps for his troubles and he was supposed to ask gp to do me a script and talk to him about me,Guess what he forgot. That upset me as i never forget when he asks me to do something. I think i'm angry of life in general. I feel like crawling into a hole and waking up in the spring.

LL,i never thought of that next time i'm down we'll arrange something as it would be lovely to see you. I had family in littleport,ely,stretham and papworth. My grandparents are buried in hilgay churchyard and i know thats not far from you.

Well laies i'm goingnto drink this tea befoe i blow a gasket!!!!

Sylvi. xx


aah - you must have driven just about past my house too as I live just outside Ely in Sutton! Used to live in Cambourne near Papworth and kids went to nursery in Papworth a few years ago....And do enjoy the redbush too (I'm South African so grew up on the stuff!)...


Well small world,i come through to erith then haddenham as i was visiting my sister-in-law in stretham,then we went to ely to see my brother. My neice and her husband live in witchford. My cousin lives just outside the hospital in papworth in sheltered housing. Next time i'm down i will let you know on here when and we will have to meet up.

Redbrush is a cup of tea i make when i'm down stairs on my own and its a good start to the day. Do you still drink redbush.

Sylvi. xx


We used to live in Witchford when we were first married! Lived there for 3 years until moved up to Norfolk. What a small world it is. Hilgay is about 10 miles down the A10 from me. Also know Earith well too as I had a client there who I used to visit regularly and also went through that way to visit friends in Huntingdon. LL x


Yes very small world! I drive through Earith every day to work...

Will have to catch up one day! And yes still enjoy the redbush!



Hi Heather, perhaps the 3 of us could meet up - we are not far from each other when Sylvi comes down this way. Would be lovely - we can find somewhere central to us all I should think. I am in North West Norfolk just on the edge of the Sandringham Estate - good neighbours! Ha Ha. Lavendar x


Sound good - will have to make a plan! Do you think your neighbour Liz would have us over for tea when she's at that residence?

Lovely part of the world you live - I've been up that way a few times to the North Norfolk coast...

Well Sylvi will have to let us know when next this way and we can meet up somewhere in the middle...


Only the best for you LL. if your going to have neighbours have the best in the country. xx


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