UPDATE DLA renewal to PIP home assessment letter

Hi all, just thought i would update previously posted to say had my renewal forms in October for trf from dla to pip and finally got a letter todayfrom Atos to say a Dr Sarhda is coming this thursday for an assessment. Currently get high mobility and low care and i have a car on motability. Am really stressing about it and will be glad when he's been n gone, i have already started looking at car options as from what i've been reading am sure i'll lose the high part although currently flaring waiting for ritux to kick in and right knee has just been xrayed as not been right for last 2 years consultant reviewing again in july with possible eferal to ortho to make a plan. Has anyone had this guy in the nottingham area??? I will of course update you all thursday evening x

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  • Good luck. Let us know how it goes xx

  • Will do alannah i know it's a hot topic for everyone affected at present

  • Hiya allanah. Hope you feel on the better side today.

  • I didn't have DLA as I was out of the country but have applied for PIP & still waiting for the forms. I don't hold out much hope though because of all the changes. My husband has just been refused Carers Allowance, at the first stage, for his dad as you now have to have been in the country for 2 out of 3 years & we've only been back just over a year. Suspect it'll be the same for me. What gets us though is it'll cost the Government far more for external care services to help him than if it was his son doing the caring who lives under the same roof. The crazty thing is is if we were still in Spain & his father was resident at his home there he would be awarded it!! He intends to pursue further with CAB who were very helpful when we saw them last. Work that one out! Jobseekers applies too & I'm guessing many other benefits.

    I hope all goes well on Thursday & look forward to reading your update.

    If you keep stressing maybe you'll be at your worst when he comes. Works both ways!!

  • I hope yours get sorted out if Cab are involved u may fair better. As for me thursday is usually a dodgier day for me anyway for some reason i suppose because by a thursday i've dragged my ass into work 3 days and i'm more tired? Luckily (unluckily really) i've got my ongoing knee issue which is painful at present am currently having to use my crutch all the time and wheeled around the supermarket for the weekly shop!!!!!

  • Can only hope. They've been helpful & supportive so far.

    Bodes well for Thursday. Just hope the Dr. coming to assess you is clued up on RA & recognises your daily struggles.

  • hope everything goes ok, I am currently going through the process of PIP and have to go to an assessment on the 8th. I doubt that I will get anything as I am only young and still live at home

  • Good luck if you don't try you don't get!!!

  • Hi there justanotherteen, keep us posted as to how you get on be interested to know. xx wish you luck with it.

  • Good luck.. I have missed out by a few months as I will be 64 in Aug..., so I will be assessed at some point, I get high care and mobility, but think that as I am actually breathing, I will fail for PIP

  • Hi lab lover I like ur last sentence it does appear to be that way at present

  • When he arrives ask him if he knows about RA and the symptoms !!!! I would , hand him some nras leaflets ha ha ha xx

  • Lol i am going to ask him what kind of doc he is and what his specialist area is I'd decided that the other day as he could be a dentist for all i know!!!!!!

  • How did it go?

  • Hi allanah, well it was a semi retired doctor that came who was disabled himself!!!! Was a nice chap had to show him what meds i'm on and my last three hospital letters as i've been that many times since xmas! He asked lots of questions about day to day activity which are on the forms i filled in he got me to walk a few paces lucky it was a bad day! hubby thought it went well i'm not too sure so watch this space

  • Glad you at least think it went well & maybe being disabled himself might just make the difference with all the goal-posts being moved. Worked in well having a bad day!

  • That's what the hubby thinks but i am prepared for the worse will keep everyone updated

  • Sending positive thoughts.

  • I wish you lots of luck with it makes me laugh when people get it for lesser troubles its just so hard now to get what your entitled to, keep us posted xx

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