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Care Component of DLA/PIP

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This may sound like a silly question but can I get DLA/PIP middle or enhanced rate care component and still work full time? I am struggling with work my RA is not controlled I need more help now, can't cook , can't do household chores, need help dressing and bathing but I do manage (with help) to get to work most days. I am due to be re-assessed next year re PIP but currently have low rate care and high rate mobility life award and I am scared to ask for a re-asssessment in case I lose it all or cannot be considered as I work full time. If I did manage to get higher rate I could reduce my hours at work. Thanks in advance


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Hello dmc12 I certainly can empathize with you. I'm newly diagnosed as of yesterday. How long have you had RA? I'm trying to get as much knowledge from the people who are affected by RA. Thank u.

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Hi, I have had RA since I was 18 and I am now 43. I have managed very well until the last three years when my RA went out of control. I am hoping to start new medication soon so hope that works and sorts me out. There are many fantastic treatments for RA now and once you get on the one that is right for you, hopefully you will have many problem free years. Everyone on here is really helpful and supportive so don't be afraid to ask. P.s. DLA is disability living allowance which has now been replaced for any new claimants by PIP which is personal independance payments. You can find more about these on website. Good luck


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Thank you. The DLA won't fly over here in the US. I'm sure we have something like it.

I'm learning all kind of new stuff about RA. I thought it was an older adult disease until I started exploring after being diagnosed. That's great to hear that you've had all those problem free years. It gives me some hope. :-)

I work full time and there is no part time option and I hope to continue. I'm 45 will be 46 next month. I will have my 30 years in three years but I have to meet the age requirement of 50 in order to retire from my very stress impacting career.

I meant to ask what is a PIP/DLA?

Hi Donna, I know a few people who currently get DLA and work full time but noone claiming PIP but I'm sure a lady on here works FT and got it, hopefully she will see your post! :). I wouldn't worry too much especially as you are already in receipt of DLA, have you read the PIP descriptors? If claiming PIP keeps us in work why shouldn't we apply!!!! Good luck :)

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Thank you Kiki, this gives me some hope I did the PIP assessment online and got the highest rate although I am sure this doesn't work in practice but I think I need to try otherwise I might have to give up work altogether.

I know exactly what you mean! Surely it has to make economic sense to keep disabled people in work with the extra in not having to apply for any other benefits and we are still paying into the system too! PIP seems to be one of the hardest form of benefit to apply for..a vigorous vetting/checking system at the start then in most cases an face to face assessment, then waiting months for a decision... but that's a different story!! Hopefully when it's time for your re-assessment all these issues will be sorted, I have heard that things are starting to improve haha :). Good luck and here's hoping you get it x

Yes, you can get it while working. DLA care component is largely about personal care, and doesn't take into account things like housework, so see if you can find the criteria or a copy of the application form online and have a look to see if you think you meet their criteria first. I totally understand the worry about possibly losing an indefinite award by having to be reassessed. I do know that they don't just reassess one part of the award - they would reassess your mobility component as well. I'm in a similar position with low care and high mobility, and while I am really not coping well at all and could do with a lot more help, I've decided that it is so borderline for me if I go on their criteria, that I'm not going to risk potentially being downgraded on the mobility component, or having to appeal a decision. I'm due to be reassessed for PIP in 2016, and having looked at the criteria for PIP decided I am likely to be better off on that, so its another reason for me to just hold on for the moment.

I no you can get pip while working ive just applied for it myself. You have to call first. Then fill out forms then a face to face interview. It can take months to get but yhe will back track money from the day you call. So make that call today. You may get it. As for the other I believe that you have to have pip first before you can get the other benefit. I could be wrong tho so check.

I work 32 hours a week and get the standard rate of PIP. Hope that helps,

Have a look on the Benefits and Work website.

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