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Blue badge

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Morning lovely people .

After a bit of advice about applying for a blue badge .

I’ve had RA for 3 years , it’s been quite a journey , having tried the usual meds I’m now on Rituximab infusions every 6 months and leflunomide daily .I’ve had shingles and just to add to the list I broke my ankle in April this year .I had pins and needles in my leg , stood up and fell .Ive read thta one of the side effects of Rituximab is pins and needles

My main gripe at the moment is my hip .ive had pain for over a year now and most days walking is very painful.

I’ve had 2 steroid injections one with ultra sound ( 3 months ago ) and it’s still painful .ive only just returned to work .ive had to go part time as I just couldn’t cope with full time anymore ( I’m cabin crew )

I’m sitting in my garden feeling sorry for myself .....where is all this going to end up ? Sorry to be all doom and gloom but this damn condition I feel is eating away at my ability to be normal .im normally a very upbeat person and try to be positive with the mantra that whatever happens is always temporary and that it will pass .But this is getting me down .

I digress from what I was originally going to ask .blue badge .ive always resisted applying for one as I didn’t feel ‘bad ‘ enough .my friends have advised me to and I have to admit it would make my life easier .its hard when you have to plan how far you can walk before going out .

So is it a easy process as I don’t automatically fall into the instant issue of them .i really don’t like the idea of having to go to a medical but will if I have to ?

Feeling pathetic this morning

Thanks guys


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Hi Fiona, sorry to hear you're feeling down.

I was diagnosed with RA a year ago, I've got Keinbock's disease in my hand too, which is how the RA was discovered. My other hand/wrist is now becoming as painful. I'm expecting to have a wrist fusion/and/or replacement in the next 6 months or so depending on how my "good" hand is diagnosed. I also have arthritis in my knees and I'm asthmatic. Due to the pain and inability to bend my hands I cannot use a walking stick. In March I decided to apply for a blue badge, I really didn't expect for it to be approved. I applied online and within a week I had an email to say it had been approved! No medical or extra questions, nothing. It has certainly changed my life, knowing I can park closer to things. So do apply, nothing to lose and perhaps a lot to gain.

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Oh wow poor you , I feel your pain thanks for replying .i was advised by a friend to get a doc letter saying it would help .Maybe I’ll just apply online . Thanks

Hi sorry to hear about your issuies hope you imorove a bit soon.the blue badge yeh you automatically qualify if on mobility pip. As you are not it is ok the process and straight forward really and the medical is nothing like the benefits system etc .some councils use a gp or ot etc .all councils are different though some 20 metres some 50 is generally about the 50 metres .and letters or that would help etc but you still can get it without .I would just apply hopefully you can get it ok and it is ok the process

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Fifi2 in reply to Ajay575

Thanks ajay I will have a look online :)onwards and upwards

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Ajay575 in reply to Fifi2

Hope it works out for you .some library's have applications as well .take care

Hi Fiona, I have RA plus hip replacement and hold a blue badge due to my inability to walk without pain, anywhere!

I applied to my local council who dealt with my application without the need for further medical examination and very sympathetically.

It is a very straight forward procedure, so please apply, you have nothing to lose! and a lot to gain.

Best wishes and good luck

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Fifi2 in reply to masonman

Thanks for replying yes I think I will .just don’t understand why my hip is still so sore !

Seeing my consultant next month so I’m going to ask him to investigate more

I think every council is different. I had no chance with Norfolk County Council as its deemed to be intermittent. Think you have to be almost comatose here to get one. Probably as Norwich is a medieval city with very few spaces. It's also mostly pedestrianised now which is even more unhelpful

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Fifi2 in reply to HappykindaGal

Gosh that’s awful .sorry to hear that .

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HappykindaGal in reply to Fifi2

You spurred me on to apply again 😁

Hi, applying for blue badge is pretty straight forward but does depend on your council as stated before in other posts. My advice to you, don’t be brave when filling in questionnaire you MUST tell them what your life is like on your worst day not your best. I’m sure with your issues though you shouldn’t have too much of a problem being approved. 9 times out of 10 the people who decide these things are not medically trained so explain your condition in plain simple English stating if your condition is lifelong with no cure, that always helps.

Hi Fiona,

Glad to see that you may apply for a blue badge, have you applied for the CEA card? so you can take a carer/ friend to the cinema F.O.C.

I had both hips replaced in 2013! one in April the other in October, the right hip has been no trouble at all, but the left has caused a bit of pain.

I live not far from Wrightington Hospital, so although I had the surgery elsewhere they look after my aftercare including physiotherapy which has helped a great deal.

There is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel.

Regards take care.

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Fifi2 in reply to masonman

Hi thanks .

no never heard of that card before .glad you have had some improvement. What was the reason you had your hip replaced?

I just don’t know why I’m in pain all the time going to have a long chat with consultant as this has been going on over a year now .the steroid injections didn’t really do anything to ease the pain .not sure what the plan of action will be .

Thanks for replying:)

My RA started quickly and ferociously in November 2011, by early 2013 it had damaged both hips so much,they had to be replaced, it was thought at the time that I relied to much on the new hip because of the pain in the other, thus creating weakness.

You can get a CEA application form at the cinema.


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Fifi2 in reply to masonman

That’s awful thanks for replying

It is such a hassle and so difficult to get your claim approved. Make sure on the day u go for your medical u take someone with u to "lean on" as otherwise they may deduce u don't need any help and your claim rejected. The amount of pain u r in is not a factor it's based on how much help u need on a daily basis. I have Psa and some days can hardly walk and 2 of my claims have been declined as they say I don't need help! Good luck.

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Fifi2 in reply to Cheylann

Oh blimey well I’m just going to apply and see what they say

If your working and under 64 you have to apply for PIP first, doesn’t matter what you earn it’s not related to that, then apply for a blue badge. It has restricted it doesn’t mean you can park anywhere without paying a fee, but you can park in the bay with the badge and pay, you have to look at the signs to see what the terms are, but it does make life easier on the legs being able to park closer to where you want to be. Get in touch with your local council they will or should send you all the relevant papers. I had to go for a further interview before I got my badge and bay outside the house. So be prepared you might get asked, the questions they ask are simple ones, and she just asked me to squeeze her hands and press my feet against her hands to see how much strength I had in them. Got my PIP straight away, and badge followed a week later. Good Luck and don’t put it off it’s a boon. Chris

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Fifi2 in reply to Mummyola

Thanks Chris I’m in the process of applying for badge now’s such a long form !

Thanks for all your advice guys and girls . To be honest I’m not holding out much hope of getting it but I’m going to try .it would make my life so much easier .

I also don’t know how much longer I can keep on working as my job is physically demanding .im exhausted when I get to the other end and spend the next day just resting for the flight home .

I get so cross that this is having such an impact on my life .

Got to keep going , I’m on my own and I have a mortgage to pay.

Grrrr life with RA !

A booklet, I have just had to fill in another one as my circumstances have changed, what a rigmarole you’d think they would have copies of your last forms, and just ask extra questions. But no.

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Fifi2 in reply to Mummyola

Total faff I’ve just finished !

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Mummyola in reply to Fifi2

Hope it all pans out for you, and they approve it. Can’t see why not as you have Rh. Good luck

Yes sadly unless you are on DLA you will need a assessment but don’t stress, if you are meant to get it you will I’m sure. It will help you immensely and make your hospital and shopping trip easier good luck

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Fifi2 in reply to Hocuspocus123s

Thanks I think different councils have different rules .My friend who ha RA just filled the form I’m and got a docs letter and it was issued within 2 weeks .

Who knows .ive sent it off now I’ll just wait and see .

As you say if I get it that’s great if I don’t I’ll just get on with it .

No point in stressing

Thanks for replying:)

Hi F

I'm so sorry to hear you are struggling, it's such a bastard isn't it in every respect!

I'm sorry I saw your thread late, I got back from Kuwait yesterday and would have loved to help as I'm an expert blue badge applier having done it for my Mum countless times.

You have made the right decision to apply and you deserve one especially with the painful hip.

I was thinking your hip could perhaps be osteo? and if you end up having a replacement you might be absolutely new born!

Yesterday our call was at 0535 (0435 uk time) and I set my alarm for 0450 (0350 uk) and I was hit with this wall of stiffness , it was so bad I couldn't lift my bag and climb onto the step of the crew transport.

Everything felt as heavy as lead and this was after having to sit on the loo in a steam filled bathroom holding hot flannels to my face trying to loosen my horrendous chest that Ive had for 5 weeks.

Coming back from Mexico last week on the 787 I couldn't lie down without coughing and was so worried about waking the others that I spent my break locked behind the door sat bolt upright in the dark in the stairwell so I wouldn't cough as there's was no where else on the plane for me to go. Sometimes I think our job will literally kill me then I do really well for a couple of months.

Doing our job and suffering with this illness is only for the tough at heart and my tough old heart goes out to you the lovely lady that you are.

At least having come back to work you can go into section 4 again and try and get yourself fit and stable. It would be such a shame to give up when it wasn't on your terms.

I'm keeping everything crossed for your blue badge , I shall definitely apply when it becomes necesssary.

Lots of love


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Fifi2 in reply to Mandalou

Ah Mandy what a lovely thing to say ,thank you I guess only crew reallly understand the nature of the job(no disrespect to all you other lovely peeps out there)

Just worked a jfk woke up after only 5 hours sleep ( another thing to add to the list ) I’m going to have to dose myself up to fly home .

Wasn’t put in section 4 this time so I have attendance meeting next month .To be honest I don’t care let them put me in stage one 🤷‍♀️

I’m 75% and with leave, it’s almost 2. Weeks on 2 weeks off but I’m even struggling with that atm

I’ve got India after this then part time week with leave .Im going to see I’d i can get Hosptial appointment brought forward and see what consultant has to say

Thanks for taking the time to reply

Take care of yourself

F xxxx

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Fifi2 in reply to Mandalou

Ps sorry to hear about your cough and those bloody bunks are ridiculous to get in and out of !

I know of 2 girls who have left as they just couldn’t cope with the flying and pain etc took VR

I really don’t want to do that..... flying is in my blood 🤣but realistically the next VR round I’m goung to have to seriously consider

.On a positive note , I’m in New York , I have all day to rest and there is a delicious breakfast place across the road got to think of the positives :)

Just to give you lovely people an update ....I received my blue badge last so happy it’s going to make my life so much easier and will enable me to get out more !

No assessment just came through the post

So if anyone is thinking about it it ! Nothing to lose everything to gain .

On a side note have had yet another steroid injection into my left hip last week only to find my right one has a niggling pain . Grrrr

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