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Blue badge?


Hi...I have had a blue badge for 3 years since I moved to Devon. I was able to have a telephone interview in which I answered all the questions honestly and didn't have to have a face to face assessment. Now it has come up for renewal and I phoned and went through the up the same questions, my condition is not improved, if anything I have more problems now than before and additional health problems. Anyway, I have now been sent a letter to say I have to go and be assessed by any OT.

I have had active RA for 14 years, with no remission. On methotrexate, Leflunomide and steroids.

I don't claim any benefits, but have found the badge so useful as I can join in so much more with things, even on my worst days. I am worried that I will lose this as if I am seen on a day where I am not struggling so much. Should I ask for a letter of support from GP or rheumatologist? Any advice welcome.

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Do get some support from your dr as it will help you. xxxx

It certainly wouldn't harm to have supporting letters from your GP, even your Rheumy or anyone else who you see RD wise. They certainly don't make things easy do they? Hope you pass with flying colours.

GPs don't always know exactly how your illness is affecting you, so sometimes they aren't the best for doing that kind of support letter. However, having said that, if you make an appointment with GP and make sure you describe exactly how limited you are, then they may be able to do a useful letter for you.

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I offer GP a draft letter

I had to have an OT assessment to get my Blue Badge; it is now fairly standard practice, apparently because there is a lot of abuse of the system... I was very worried about it, but although it was a detailed assessment - about 30 mins of questions, plus watching me walk and climb the stairs - the OT was really lovely, and it was not the traumatic experience I feared it would be! In fact, she was very helpful and gave me some useful info noone else had given me, and was so kind and sympathetic that I cried!

Good luck with yours. :)

I had one for 3 years but had to go for an assessment and didn't get a renewal. The OT I saw had to 'tick boxes' and I ended up just outside the level. East Sussex have cut down on blue badges due to misuse. I never misued mine - I didn't have the 'I have a blue badge and can park where I want' mentality. I am fortunate in that when I go shopping I have to take my mother and she has one so it only affects me if I go alone. I suggest that when you go for testing you answer as if it were your worst day.

Sorry to hear that benjijen, that must be problematic for you now. I may not be being overly helpful but I hadn't applied for my blue badge this time last year & resorted to online shopping. Whilst it was far easier on the feet I found I did miss the touchy feely thing of buying Christmas pressies. I've been out buying smaller things today but will buy larger items online again this year, maybe something you could think about doing if shopping has become a problem now?

I do some online shopping but I also do park and ride to go into Brighton to do any Xmas shopping bits. I stop and sit down a lot though! I still have to take my mother shopping as well but her blue badge helps with that.

I would echo that you need to answer and perform as though it is you on your worst day. Don't struggle to complete the walking test, just give up.

I had an assesment and what I thought strange was the person doing it told me I had to walk out of the building and along the car park but to remember I also had to walk back, so allow for that. I thought she could have had a wheel chair to push me back when I had gone as far as I could go.

When mine was renewed it was just the woman at the council who went through my form. I was so scared I wouldn't get it renewed but it was no problem. The form was long and I had pneumonia when I was filling it in. I blubbered all the way through it, putting in lots of silly thing like how I can no longer go Christmas Shopping. They must have had a laugh when they read all the rubbish I put in. When she said I got it no problem I started crying with relief. The thought of not getting it scared me so much and like you I haven't applied for any other benefits. Just be honest but honest as to your worst days. I wish you so much luck because I know what a god send it is to me, feel the tears welling now thinking about it. Let us know how you get on, all the very best of luck xx

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You sound like me Cagsie! And not being able to go Christmas shopping was one of the turning points for me too... Very upsetting.



It would be an idea to tell your doctors that you are applying for a blue badge ,because they will contact them asking them about your condition .

You shouldn't have much trouble to get it , You was very lucky to get it with a telephone interview.

Don't worry you should be ok .


Got my blue badge! Very relieved and happy! 😀

I'm sure you are. I'm so pleased, I know it was a worry. So how did the OT assess you?

I had about an hour with an OT. I took all my clinic letters from the consultant and he went through all my treatment and talked about what my limitations are. we talked about my flares, the frequency and how they affected my mobility and he did say he was taking this into account aswell as the walking and stair assessment I did with him.

It was not too onerous and I was honest about my condition, emphasizing the issues I have because my RA has been active for 15 years.

And I said how important the badge was for my independence.

Very pleased with the result.

Thanks for sharing your experience. It's just while I've read of assessments for Blue Badge I've not known what they entail. Minerals valid for a good while yet so re-applying is a way off for me but I wasn't assessed anything like you've been. I applied for mine by weblink so you do see a person but I didn't have a physical assessment as such, just lots of questions.

Great news so pleased for you...what a releif somethink that you so need WELL DONE ....Im doing mine new year... so very helpful wen u have limitations xxx

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