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I have just lost my Blue Badge, cause i didn't, get enough points, just feels like another, stab in the heart, for having, something, that i didn't, cause or bring on myself, really fed up, i feel i have lost every thing to this stupid Disease, And i am sick and tired of having to justify, to people, all the time, Why in hell would i make up having his, i dont want it. I want my old life back, so tired, of not having any thing, no Money, no Job, Worked since i was Sixteen, even when i had my Kids, and im still not entitled to any thing!!!!!!

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  • I am so sorry you have had this unfair discission have you also lost your award for pip I have a blue badge with 8 points standard mobility

  • Thank you for your Reply Junechurch. I never got Dla Did appeal, but lost. Got my Blue Badge through my Doctor, three years ago, now they dont care what your doctors say, the council, now make that Decision on their own, its says in the letter, do not contact your gp about this matter, as they no longer consider them in their decision!!!!

  • Have you contacted dial they helped my you have to try and find a way to fight back this is never correct they are trying to close the doors that help disabled people

  • No i havent i will give them a call thank u

  • Oh no! I have my pop assessment on Wednesday and will be as gutted as you if I don't get my blue badge. I will be so isolated if I don't, I also lost my job and I didn't ask for it , so unfair .

    Call Nras helpline, they maybe have done ideas?

  • I think it is so unfair, as i have never claimed in my life, its not my choice not to work, i love working, it is so wrong and Unfair. Good Luck with your assessment Allanah

  • Terrible result all cutbacks just not fair on people that need help and support i would look at your replys and try for extra help GOOD LUCKXX

  • Thank u Dawniee

  • Do check with your local council as they issue the blue badge and I believe it is automatic with the right points and based on their criteria otherwise. Farm

  • Thank u Fram, i got 9 points out of the 15 points, i dont understand how they can Judge me when they are not doctors, or specialist, they are just normal people sat behind a desk looking at paperwork, Why my doctors who see me all the time, know me, None of us want this Disease, i didnt ask for it, so why make my allready life bloody harder, by making me feel like i have to justify my Illness, all the time, i could go on and on but its not worth it.

  • So, just to clarify, has your Blue Badge renewal been refused, by that I mean that you've received written confirmation from The Department of Transport explaining why? I ask as you may not be aware you can appeal but you'd need to check whether your local council have an appeals procedure in place, as it's them you direct your appeal at not the D of T & not all councils offer appeals procedures, it's a bit of a grey area.

    Also, you'd need to check for where you live as all the info I gathered before I applied for a Blue Badge was relating to England. I did receive PIP daily care but was short on points for the mobility component of PIP & was awarded a BB when I applied independent of receiving the award. I don't know if it makes a difference but I was able to apply via Telly Talk connected to the County Council dept who issues BB's, so I could see the person taking my details & she could see me, like a distant face to face. You could do some delving & see if that's available to you, mine was set up in a library in the next town to where I live.

    I'd have a word with your local CAB office Sharron, they may be able to help or at least talk you through where you can go from here.

    One thing, any other evidence you can get from your Rheumy, OT, Physio, anyone who you see with regards to RD, all will help support your request so your GP's evidence not being applicable any more shouldn't really be an issue. Thing is if you're struggling as much as you were when you were first awarded a BB it's not the correct decision & that's what it hinges on.

    I hope you receive some advice on this, it doesn't seem fair & I'm not surprised you feel as you do. x

  • Thank you for your Reply, i will appeal as i dont think this is right, i do need a blue Badge, i dont like using it or want one i need it. The first lady i saw at council offices was lovely, When i had to go back with more paperwork, the second one, was awful she make me cry and made me feel like a fraud, it was awful, i got 9 points out of the 15 u need to get a blue badge. I will defiantly, look into getting it back, I live in a modified, House stairlift, wet room, have doctors letters, but its not enough!!! x

  • What a shame you didn't see the first lady again, not that it should make any difference, the outcome would be the same with any evidence you had but maybe the experience could have been different?

    I'm pleased you'll pursue it, if you need any more experience remember we're here. x

  • Thank You X

  • Hi Alfagirl,

    It may be worth taking your paper work to your local MP and see if they are interested in supporting you.

    All the best


  • Thank u Ali

  • I'm so sorry alfagirl. I know how gutted I'd be if I lost my blue badge. :(

    You can ask your local authority to look again at their decision. They may have a formal appeals process. It's up to them to assess whether you qualify, so make sure you provide evidence that you can't walk, or have severe pain or discomfort if you do. They may ask you to attend a health assessment - I'm surprised they haven't done that already, so that may be one thing to mention when you ask them to reconsider.

    That bit about not contacting your GP is probably included because in the past, GPs made decisions about blue badges and they don't now. But you can still ask your GP to support your application or to provide you with copies of all the medical evidence, consultants' letters etc that show you have severe problems walking.

    I do hope you can get this decision changed. Good luck!

  • Thank u Flow

  • I had a blue badge for 3 years then lost it. Had to go for a review and didn't get a renewal. It's a tick box excercise. I know my council (East Sussex) is cutting back on them. I never parked recklessly causing disruption though I have seen many who do, and needing space to open your car door in a car park is not deemed relevant! I have to take my mother shopping each week so do have the use of her badge as she is with me and so doesn't affect me quite as much so I didn't appeal. You should give the appeal process a try, you've nothing to lose.

  • Thank u Benjijen not fair is it.

  • I just got mine renewed and was so pleased. I had to see an OT and be assessed and found the process quite stressful. I am outraged that it is so hard for people with RA in particular find it so hard to get and keep blue badges. Life is enough of a struggle without having such difficulties getting the things that help us to live our lives and keep as independent as possible.

    I hope you can appeal and are successful.

    Best wishes.

  • Thank you Adelaide 1 i couldn't agree More, and i know there are cut Backs, but we have something wrong with us,we are not making it up!!! Sick and tired of being made to feel this way, by everyone though, having to fight, all the time for what we need, and i know its not just people with Ra either, and i dont think its fair!!!

  • If you had a BB in the first place surely they must realise this disease doesn't get better over time - it gets worse, its only the medication that allows us to have some relief but not all the time. Are they thick or what - if they had it or a relative they would have some idea what we go through.

  • I had my first application turned down, before I finally got my PIP mobility award, 12 points. It was based on the fact that I could walk 100 metres, that person didn't realise that as a result of me being made to walk the long way to the bus stop meant it took me an hour to walk the 350 metres home when I got off it. I won't do anything like that again and I also don't want to have, although they were very kind about it, a blue light taxi for the last 150 metres home, yes I mean police car as it had taken me 45 minutes already and I was only half way on a very cold night. I did thank the MET and the local station the following day for their kindness.

    Just remember whenever you are asked to do something, you may have to walk again to get home, you have the right to refuse to do it, they cannot make you.

    Good luck.

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