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For those of you who have HAH for supplying your Methotrexate injections are you having any problems with them ie not contacting you when you are due for supplies & also trying to get a letter to take medications through customs from them over email is so un consumer friendly when you have to go through an American security system called “Cisco” for access? It’s not compatible with Apple Mac & they have let me down with copies sent in the post... am interested to hear any problems other users have... 🧐🧐🧐

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Hi, yes, I had lots of delivery problems with them. Wrong day/s - wrong address, no return calls. Don't use their services now as I am on a new med with a new delivery company. The pharmacist at my rheum hospital sorted things out. Suzie x


Oh dear that's not good to hear. I have them delivered benepali. No problems with my first delivery...very prompt! I'd better check when my next delivery us due!

Sorry that you are not getting a good service.

Sorry to hear you've had problems,I've been lucky and not had any problems for the past year and they always phone me the week before they deliver, I get mines delivered by Royal Mail so I think it could be a post code thing maybe,hope you get sorted out xxx

Exactly! Plus on top the problems getting the letters for taking my meds through the airport.! When I told someone callled Rebecca about this Cisco secure envelope message to open the letter was ridiculous, plus not compatible with iOS she said they have to do this due to new data protection laws then said could I use someone else’s computer that had windows, I said “well that would be the security out the window for starters”. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Hi my deliveries are fine in DE6 area. When I needed a letter for Customs my GP supplied it, it cost me £15.

Juliachoo in reply to sweet-pea1

Ahhh that’s prob why they are being awkward yet they told me right from the start that a) I could have a customs letter when going abroad & b) I could also have a travel sharps bin xxx

sweet-pea1 in reply to Juliachoo

My GP gave me my travel bin on prescription but to be fair they are fairly cheap to buy from the Chemists

Sorry to hear this but I have found HAH nothing but excellent! One phone call and got advice, customs letter posted and travel sharps bin posted! I now get 12 weeks Benepali in one delivery and they re-book next delivery in same phone call. Delivery service on time too! I think you have had a very unfortunate experience.... worth a follow up call to sort out? Just to tip.... HAH told me that every 6 months they need a “prescription note” from my hospital to continue providing Benepali.... understandable.... but this requires current blood tests with results back to Rheumatologist then Rheumatologist writing the prescription and getting it to HAH, so be aware of timings for this... nearly caught me out as I had no idea!!

Hi, I have had them deliver to me, no problems at all, always contact me and always in time, they sent me a letter to take through the airport with me , so only good news from me.

As a general rule, I find them ok. Occasionally, they do not contact me and I have to chase them.

I’ve had HAH deliver Enbrel, then Benepali and now Enbrel again. The only problems I’ve had is the long wait to speak to someone on the phone. In the 12+ years they have been delivering to me I think they’ve only missed one day.

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