PIP assessment a joke

Can you Bellevue my PIP assessor asked me how I got RA. I was on DLA indefinite award, I suffer with rheumatoid disease and cervical Dystonia, I just about manage to work 16 hours, if I don't work I lose my home everything, I've just had my face to face which was one of the worst things I have ever been through I was in so much pain I ended up crying and the assessor didn't bat an eye, no one should be treated so badly. If I don't get PIP I will have to go to work full time as I will also lose my tax credits and it will have me on my knees. I am soooo stressed that my condition has flared up and I was keeping well before all this.

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  • oh god ive got my ftf thursday, at my house, ive seen a lot of horror stories on here, i wish you all the luck.

  • Good luck. 🌿

  • Caspiana, just finished my home assesment, it was a man, he is a nurse, very nice, understood all my ailments,i dont no why i was so stressed, now the big wate, i would say to people dont stress what will b will b, easy for me to say now ive had mine, it lasted 45minuites.a big calm has come over me, have to wate about 4 weeks to no the out come.

  • Hello nanof6 I am so pleased it's over. It sounds like you got a decent fellow. If only all the assessors were like him. Rest easy now. Have a nice cup of tea and something yummy . So relieved for you. Please let me know when you get the results.

    Cas xx 😊

  • i will ty

  • Hi there. Hubby had his assessment today. Took about 75 mins. Lady was nice. We felt relaxed. Pleased its all over. What will be will be xx

  • nanof6 hope it goes OK. Have you someone who can be there with you for a bit of moral support? Have any meds with you, just a tip, when I had mine, he had me go get them (to say I had no problem walking, which wasn't true and I later challenged) Try not to worry, but best be prepared. You never know, you might get a nice one :-)

    As I always tell everyone :-) Benefits & work website might be useful to you. Best of luck xxx

  • yes ty for getting back,what else did they do, can you give me some idea? i got the letter saying they were sending someone to my house 2 weeks ago, ive hardly slept, in april a letter had slippted from goverment saying they was going to make it so expencive for people to go to a trybuneral, they wouldnt bother or afford it , and yestarday i heard it on tv its true.please any tips i am retired so dont work, ive been so worried, i can stand for less than a minuite walk 3 steps, im in a wheelchair, im in shock over that as it is, for two years mri ect waiting for results liveing in hope that , nevermind get results on a list for op hunky dori, but when i went in to the sergun for results with a smile on my face with great hope, he said you thought i was going to tell you about what we can do to help you, yessss, then he said there is nothing they can do, well i went deaf and blind i never heard another word,this happened in march, every day im crying, i can handle pain with meds its the bl.....dy wheelchair, i was so independent do decorating everything my self to nothing, people say it could be worse, well from where im sitting its not.i dont leave the house anymore because people talk as if im brain dead and not there, in tescos ive been hit with people carrying wire baskets on my head arms, people can be so rude, so i just stay in,i have psoriatic arthritis, si joint with bilateral sacroiliitis, L5-SI with diffused discbulging and disc protrusion i just coppied them long words from the letter. i was on DLA but had to apply for pip, so im so worried for thursday.also the letter saying it would be a health profetional who is sent out, they should no about RA thankyou mrs bones for getting back.

  • Sorry to hear you've been having such a rough time of it lately, nanof6. What a hassle shopping in a wheelchair :-(

    Try not to worry too much about the assessment, mine was a while ago think I just got a bad one, but your mobility problems sound worse than mine were, plus your age and other conditions must count too. I hope I didn't add to your worries, just wanted to mention the meds thing.

    The assessor just went through what I'd said on the form basically and asked what I had trouble doing, same as the questions are on the pip form.

    These links might help - always good to be prepared :-) Please don't worry though, there are reasonable ones out there, just that we hear a lot about the other sort.



    Maybe others here who have had a home assessment recently will be able to help you more too, and Let us know how it goes won't you xxxx

  • thankyou mrs bones, i wish i could find someone who has been plundged into a wheel chair and just left to get on with it. i will let you no how i get on.i will have to get up at 6 they are comming at 9 oclock, ive had a look at the citizen advice its very good, but some people on here say they can only answer yes or no,im glad i never lied on the 32page questionair, because i would of forgot by now.

  • hi mrsbones, just finished my home assesement.i had a man who is a nurse so understood about my problems and how it affects me,he was very nice he was here for 45 minuites, i feel all the stress was for nothing, and tks again

  • That's good news, so pleased to hear he was understanding. It is a stressful thing though, so good to get it over with. You can relax now and enjoy the rest of the day ;-) Take care xxx

  • ty

  • I had my pip assessment at home a couple of months ago. I looked at the benefits and work website, mentioned above. There advice is excellent. I paid there membership fee and downloaded there book on claiming pip. It gives details of the interview, what to expect etc. Ensure you have some one with you and copies of all the forms and information you sent. My claim was successful. It is a scary thing and the waiting is awful. The person who interviews you has set questions they have to ask which can sound insensitive. Fortunately the person who visited me was sensitive enough to explain this too me so I wasn't upset by the more stupid questions.


  • mall, thanks for getting back, how long did you have to wait for a reply.

  • Can't remember exactly, it was a few weeks, probably around 4 or 5. Then I had another wait of around 4 - 6 weeks for payments to commence.

  • thankyou mall for getting back.

  • mall just finishes my assesment at home, he was a nurse, 45min all over, wy did i stress so much.

  • I had a ftf and it was a paramedic who was really nice and knew all about RA and other conditions. I was awarded pip so don't worry, they aren't all bad x

  • Hello sharlynn . I really cannot understand for the life of me how an assesor could be so ignorant. I mean I've had people ask me how I got RA before but because they had no idea what RA is. Surely he or she hasn't a clue. How else could they ask such a question. I am sorry you've had such a rough day. I hope all goes well with the assesment.

    Hang in there.

    Cas xx ❤

  • Thank you Cas, I get fed up trying to explain RA but when they are supposed to be professional it's worse. X

  • Oh they don't have any sympathy. I was breathless dripping in sweat and basically told my RA hadn't flaired up in months. And I'm OK to walk about and get about when she could clearly see by lookin at me how out if breathe and sweating I was. I was crying in the room as recently list my sister. She said I was healthy was fine on walkin in and had no signs of lie mood. Clearly all lies. I was and still am fuming about it as losy my mobility pip altogether and av Bern put on standard disability when I was on high rate Dla for both

  • It horrendous how the make you out to be a lier I had a battle to get awarded standard just had it a year now they have called me in for reassessment a year early got all my documents ready the now only give2weeks to return paperwork I am dreading the face to face they just don't understand ra its in there interest to get you of it good luck

  • What a stressor - the last thing you need when you've got RA.

    I don't know how they sleep at night trying to take people off benefits when they're clearly sick and entitled to them, There's no need to be so x!?* rude to people while they do it either. Grrr :-(

    lots of helpful info at Benefits and Work website if you need it.

    Good luck to you xxx

  • Oh dear. So unfair for you. Hubby has his PIP assessment on Friday. Our first ever claim. Doesn't sound promising. As if life isn't difficult enough for everyone. I shan't go on. It's beyond frustration 😞

  • sue mine is at my house thusday keep intouch i will let you no what happenes.

  • Good luck and will do. Ditto for you x

  • I was declined DLA twice and went to tribunal and won, the CAB advisor who helped me told me that they had proven that a percentage of claims were just declined regardless of information and that 50% of those never claim again. I dont know if that was true then or now but it makes you wonder. My high award on both was due to finish in September but they stopped my DLA claim and have told me to claim PIP now. Form filled and returned and i have requested if they want a face to face that its at my home as i fail to see thst I can be assessed anywhere else and if i have a hospital or clinic appointment they send an ambulance to transport me. I live in an Extra Care Unit in a purpose built flat for wheelchair users so it is difficult to see how they could fail me. But nothing would surprise me about this system.

  • Nothing would surprise me either with those guys, you hear such stories.

    Hope it goes well for you. Don't see how they can fail you as you live in an extra care unit, but best of luck to you XXX Let us know how you get on won't you.

  • Hi sharlynn

    Sorry to hear of your troubles.

    I was on old state incapacity which then changed to PIP (?) and so had to go through the assessment process. As I get long term sickness payment from my employer the IB just reduced the amount they had to pay me. In other words it made no difference to me as I get a % of my salary regardless.

    I was left to wait for 50 minutes and then made to walk to a room down a long corridor.

    At the time I was reasonably controlled, but suffering from a vagus knee deformity (since replaced), a totally messed up (technical term 😀) shoulder (still same) and the other day to day issues we are all familiar with.

    The 'report' that I got with the letter telling me my claim was rejected was a work of pure fiction. I scored 0 in all categories.

    Comments were things like 'observed sitting for 50 minutes with no problems' and 'walking unaided no mobility issues'.

    The assessor was apparently a doctor. 'Do no harm'. Hmm.

    I didn't appeal as it made no difference to my net income and I didn't need the stress of it all, I would have only been doing it out of principle. Which is a good enough reason, but at the time I simply didn't have the energy as I had 2 preschool children to care for.

    The figure mentioned of 50% don't appeal wouldn't surprise me. That's why they do it, easy target matching.

    I don't particularly want to make this a political thread, and I am not a staunch labour / lib dem / whatever. But how the current government have gotten away with what has happened to the poorest and most in need in our society is shocking to say the least. History will be their judge.

    I don't know how they can sleep at night, truly.

    Try not to take it personally, it isn't you - it's the 'system' unfortunately. The how you got RA question may have been to see if they could trick you into making some story up that they could then have used against your claim. Not that they use dishonest methods, of course. 😉 Crying in the assessment is probably a good thing. Just because they didn't react doesn't mean they didn't notice.

    Good luck, and I hope you have a successful claim. If not, try not to panic, appeal. Channel your anger into the energy needed to challenge the result.



  • Can't understand but can only swear at this when reading.If they give you trick questions why anyway as font they have your medical reports?? I haven't had to apply for PIPS as get employment CV support allowance n tiny bit disability.when letter came through 2 yrs ago said it was changing to PIPS but yet again got same for this year.darent tell then I now have extra auto immune disease n extra meds in case have to re apply n lose out.i can't work n doc told me to give it up 4 yrs ago as so bad.System stinks but I know 2 people who play the system n get it all when they are ok so maybe big crack down.saying that this person hit PIPS n few thousand backdated last month n spent it on Xbox etc.ony got lazy itus.my son in law.

  • Hi Sharlynn,

    I do not have much wisdom to offer as I am on DLA waiting for PIP assessment form to arrive.

    But I have read a lot of posts on this site where people have come out of the assessment feeling totally demoralized and their awards have been fine so you could be O.K.

    I would however suggest you remember the assessors comment of Where did you get your RA from, in case you need to ask for reconsideration . This comment shows a complete lack of understanding. Perhaps she thinks you can buy RA in the supermarket.

    Good Luck.

  • Thank you Smithfield, I was stumped when she asks me that you know straight away how it's gonna go, I also explained that I have my own bathroom as I have children and needed to do my injections Etc. Also I can't get in bath so have my own shower she asked who prescribed it I nearly said I got it on prescription and picked it up from chemist. Don't know why they can't go off consultant information. X

  • It really scares me the inconsistency of the assessors, from what I have read on here some seem to have a good grasp of RA and it's impact others, like yours do not seem to have any understanding whatsoever. Going through the ordeal of the assessment itself must be difficult for genuine people.Without having to under go the treatment you experienced.

    I only hope her written skills are better than her communication ones.

    Why did she assume your shower had been prescribed you might of bought it.!!

  • I paid for the whole bathroom myself as I felt I needed it, she thought occupational therapist had told me but I've never had a O T I just try to get on with things and if I need something to help everyday life I save up and buy myself.

  • I have done exactly the same while we are fortunate in having a bath and shower we had a complete new bathroom put in ( bar the shower) with taps I can use and a high toilet seat.

    Again it is the assumption that the NHS has paid for it.

  • Lol that made me laugh, she thinks you can buy R A in a supermarket .I know it not funny,being in pain every day.,which we are .But that comment made me chuckle. ..xx

  • Take a great big baseball bat and see how nice they are then and if all fails beat the buglers in. Hehe lol , only joking but still a good idea lol. Best of British luck.


  • Hello, i had my pip assesment 5 weeks ago, i have still not had my decision, the whole process was horrible, i had to walk down a long corridor which was agony, the women had no understanding of RA, i took lots of medical reports and all my medication and a letter from my gp describing my mobility issues, i made her type all of my meds and what each one did, i made her copy all the letters and was careful about the trick questions, she even tried to tell me what i did at home lol, so i bought her back down to earth with a bump by telling her exactly what i thought of her attitude, she then tried to do a physical examination which was pointless as she could see the swelling which she even acknowleged, hopefully i will hear from them soon as they sent me a letter saying they now have all the information they need to make a decision, i will update everyone on here once i get the dreaded brown envelope.

  • Yes please do and good luck.

    I am not sure what trick questions they would ask but why do they need to . It feels as if they are making assumptions before the assessment is completed as if everyone is making a fraudulent claim.

  • Hya sharlynn. Sorry to hear what a bad time you had at your p.I.p. assessment. Hopefully things will be ok, but if not appeal and appeal again. Xx

  • Thank you everyone for your replies, it's great to speak to others who are going through same issues. I'm sorry if I frightened anyone I'm just so worried, stressed and Fed up of being in limbo not knowing what my future is going to be. My friend had hers and said the lady was lovely so there are good ones out there. Good luck to everyone. Rheumatoid is one of the hardest conditions to explain how it affects you, she asked me where it affects me, how do u explain tbat, I just said the only way I can explain is I wake in the morning and plan my day from then as it affects it different places everyday. Once again sorry if I have worried anyone just wanted to say don't let them bully you. I will let u all know how I get on. Xx

  • HI sharlynn,

    How worrying to hear that the assessor is so ignorant of the condition they are assessing. Please keep us informed of how you get on. Fingers crossed for you.

    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

  • Bev in the letter i had it said they are sending a medical profetional, surly they would have a good insite to ra plus they have all the papper work you have to send with the pip 32page form,they must not read it

  • They are indeed supposed to be medically trained and aware of the condition they are assessing. Unfortunately we do hear of cases like sharlynn's where their knowledge appears to be lacking. Let's hope though that their report reflects the reality of how RA affects sharlynn and you too.

  • Hi Beverley, I thought I would let you know I got no points for PIP, they more less said because I can drive and work part time I am healthy and fit, didn't think I would be penalised for working but now will have to go to work full-time and will have to speak to consultant to say won't have time to come due to work and no point as I'm fit n healthy, I k ow I will end up really bad but I have to try n keep my house health will just have to cope.

  • That's really bad. Work is not supposed to be a barrier for getting PIP. People find a way to work and PIP is supposed to be one of those benefits that helps people remain in work. Do call the helpline if you want to talk through any ways that we may be able to help


  • Shar please let me no, and how long they make you wate to find out, my ftf is thursday at my house, ive been so strest, not sleeping.

  • I am so sorry for all of you who are having a terrible time with the assessments. I wish I could say something to make you all feel better but as it is I can only send my best wishes. x

  • Sheila, thankyou,after my assesment on thursday 9 oclock, i will get back on here to let people no how it went.

  • Sheila, just finished my home assesment with a man nurse, 45minuites, he was very nice undestood all my problems yes very nice dont no why i got so stressed, he said it taks about 4 weeks before i here back

  • That's great news. Glad it went well for you.x

  • Yes I would also like to send my love and good wishes to everyone going through the Pip and Esa medical assesments.My Pip home assesment was very traumatic for me,i hated every bit of it. I got just the standered care.Am on the assesment phase of Esa 8 weeks in so far.So i will be having a medical soon i should imagine. IVe asked for it to be recoreded, as they really did not mention the state I was in ,with the Pip assessment. ,i was a emontiontial wreck,in lots of pain too.😥. .Don't trust them anymore.

    Big hugs xx

  • Just thought I would update everyone, the dreaded brown envelope arrived today...and it was good news I have been given both enhanced daily living and mobility and a payment back dated to January 12th will be in my bank this Friday, I was so worried but all the stress has been worth it. That's one more battle finished on to the next one lol.

  • Ajhowwll, , had my ftf home assesment just now, male nurse, not like the assesors i saw on telly thank goodness,he told me it will take 4 weeks before i here back.you seem to have wated a long time. so glad you made it, we need all the help going to try and live a normal life. now my wate begins.

  • I'm glad you had a nice experience with your assessment, hopefully you will hear good news quickly, and yes I agree having some help makes moving forward much easier.

  • ty

  • Well I have finally got my decision and I scored no points on either so not entitled to anything. How can you go from high rate mobility and middle rate care to nothing. I suffer from RA for 18 years, cervical dystonia of which I have Botox injections every 10 weeks for life, osteoarthritis in hands and feet, hidradenitis and high cholesterol but I'm perfectly normal according to them. I was advised to go for CBT with mental health team by my consultant as I suffer with extreme anxiety of my conditions but I'm normal. Throughout the decision it keeps stating that because I work and can drive a car I'm fine, looks like I'll have to work full-time which will make me so ill and give me no time for treatment but I will just have to do it as I will lose my home everything. I give up. I am so worried about my future I'm actually crying writing this. For 18 years I have been told by my consultant to accept I have a disability but now I'm told I'm ok I will let consultant know he is wrong.

  • That's crazy! I'm so sorry, but not even one point? You are going to request mandatory reconsideration though aren't you? There's a period of a month, please do act quickly & do all you can to gather further written medical evidence to support reconsideration. Seek help doing this, from Welfare Rights Officer & lots of info on Benefits & work website benefitsandwork.co.uk/perso... many have & been successful.

  • I have booked an appt with welfare rights, GP and going to see MP. The decision maker has constantly focused on the fact that I work (part time), I can only manage this with a lot of adaptions, support and I love my job, didn't think I would be penalised for working. The more I read the decision the angrier I become he has not considered the conditions one bit just work, drive and the fact I have not been prescribed analgesics, the rest of my meds must not count. X

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