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Beware of nose sprays


So after 3 doctors I had to figure out myself that i was having major issues with my non steroid nose spray. I went off of it and went back to Nasonex. What an improvement! My mouth is getting back to normal now. So thankful! But my ENT had my sinuses scanned. He found a cyst or polyp and now I have to have surgery. I can't win! Solve one problem and get another one. Grrrr!

A little photo to relax you. Enjoy!

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Grrr indeed. It sometimes feels like those 'whack a mole' games. You whack one down and another pops straight up. It stops us getting bored I suppose. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photo. A view like that is balm for the soul.


summer32 in reply to Gnarli

Nasal sprays should only be used for short time, they cause re bound nasal symptoms, in every one

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