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beware autumn leaves and wet pavements

am always careful when outside but this week the leaves got the better of me and slipped flat on face and of course put hands out to save myself. now have suspected scaphoid fracture of wrist on what i call my good hand! this is putting extra pressure on 'bad hand'. as i do meth injection will now have to make arrangements with surgery to get them done. so all please be careful and keeep safe. i have a lovely black eye and swollen lip to go with the brace on hand - in fact look as if i lost a fight!! xx

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Oh dear, hope you get better quickly, at least you will get sympathy you deserve since the evidence of pain is plain to see.


ps add water next time!


thanks. yees had that comment from family and friends!!! they know me so well! will say that it did happen at nine in morning. maybe more milk in the coffee!


Hope you soon feel brighter. love sylvi.xx


What is it with HU members this week? You slipping, Gina falling over a hair dryer.... A reminder to us all to watch our steps. Hope you heal quickly. Polly


you poor thing. a fall is a shock to the system as well. I hope you are mending quickly. it is enough coping with RA so you don't need any more painful, sore areas!

thanks for the warning

I use my Nordic Walking poles everywhere now... not only for the good exercise but also because of the confidence they give me when I am out walking. Because the RA affects my knees,hips and ankles, i find if I slip at all I am not flexible enough to right myself so can go down easily. I have even done that with the poles but at least the poles let me down gently!



i must say that it has knocked my confidence. walking poles a good idea and something will look into when have use of two hands again. cheers x


Yes, you need two good strong hands for the poles. Is it the RA in the joints? What medication are you on? Do hope it is working well for you. I am on Etanercept which has really got me back on my feet.

I go everywhere with my poles....I think everyone recognises the old lady with the sticks round here. I am so old I don't really care what people think anymore. In fact i believe most people are not that interested! Keep on keeping on! x


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