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CBD oil experiences

Time for a more proper update. I posted a thread a bit over a week ago about a flare starting up and how I was trying CBD oil for it and it seems CBD oil is something people are interested in so...

First off the flare wasn't/ isn't too bad. I'm aching and feeling a bit naff, but it's manageable aches and isn't in my knees so it's fine.

Now onto the topic at hand- CBD oil.

For some background: I'm using Koi 250mg and basing a "dose" on one dropper full. I have Palindromic Rheumatism and since starting the CBD I've mostly had issues with aches (from meh to around borderline would stop me doing stuff) and a more stabby pain (ditto extent). They come on randomly and last anywhere from a minuet to the whole day. Usually the lesser aches last the day and the worse stuff pops up for a while or hangs around if I'm doing things like walking.

I haven't had a "proper" flare since starting CBD so don't know how that might go yet. I've also been trying the CBD oil for other odd pains like headaches.

It seems to be working well for short term relief. It doesn't seem to last massively long, but nor do my pains so usually it's enough to deal with an episode.

It seems to help make the pains more ignorable rather than get rid of them. I think if I was sat thinking about the pain i'd still feel it, but if I'm doing something I seem to be able to ignore it with the help of CBD.

I can still get new pains with it too, but again they don't seem as bad as I think they would be otherwise.

I've taken it while out and about to try to fight off the general ache of walking or sitting on uncomfy seats. I'll use it if I'm noticing something and then I tend to not notice anything significant again for an hour to a few hours.

Using it for headaches it has about the same effect- don't notice it for a couple of hours (or ever again if I take it before bed then sleep it off).

I had one meal which was in a noisy restaurant with really annoying stool chairs. That took about two to 3 doses to get me through it which I think was down to there being a constant trigger for the pain.

I've recently managed to hurt my leg and it seems to be helping for that too. I was borderline limping, took a dose and managed fine for an hour of moving around, felt it again (worse) after getting home and have now taken another dose which seems to have taken limping with pain to normal walking with a slightly softer pain.

I gave my dad a bit to try cos he seemed to be having migraine-ish issues starting up (headache and some visual issues) and it seems to have nipped that in the bud.

I like having it around cos I can take it for minor stuff which I'd usually weigh up if it was worth taking a painkiller or not. I can use it to generally keep me going and haven't yet considered taking painkillers on top so that seems to be going well.

Haven't tried it for actual walking pains yet (like where I'm trying to keep up with people so my knees are constantly in pain). That's the worst pain I've had so far, but also goes away pretty much as soon as I stop walking anyway. I don't think what I am taking right now would make a significant difference to that sort of pain since it is properly being triggered and is so bad. Kinda glad about that though cos it's a big "stop doing that" from my body which I don't think I should ignore.

Worst issue I've had with taking it is it making my tongue a little sensitive after taking it, but I think that goes away soon and I think it would be fine if I just took it in a drink instead of straight into my mouth. That includes when taking 3-4 doses in as many hours.

So all in all I'm having a good experience. It's not a miracle cure, but it does make a difference and is making me a bit more confident about pushing myself that little bit to spend time out with bf even in the cold. I would say it's worth trying to see how it works if you're willing to spend like £30 on a potential meh product. I think I'll keep on using it- if nothing else it works for headaches as well as paracetamol does. I'll also be keeping on trying it first for any pains I get to see how well it works for different stuff. Currently it seems better for headaches than joint pains.

Given my experiences I wouldn't think it would be a "throw away all your meds and use this instead" kinda thing, but I do think it's worth a try to see how it works for you cos it does at least have some painkilling effects for me and can be taken (as far as I know) with anything as a top off so could be good for that extra relief or for little bits and bobs.

That's about it I think. Any questions? :)

It would be great to hear other people's experiences or thoughts too.

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I recently bought some in Belfast, was a good price compared to some online wanting to charge over the odds, I use the oil for my vaping. I have been trying to use it at night instead of my painkillers but I still tend to end up taking some.

They do teas and tablets different kinds as well so I might try the other options to see how it works. I have to admit I was in a lot of pain and bought the normal cannabis but I hate the feeling of being stoned and all the other stuff that comes with it, I’m glad these oils don’t give them side effects, I do find though I haven’t slept as well taking the oil but maybe I need a higher dose instead.

There has been some miracle stories about this oil but you always think is it just coincidence that this happened at the same time lol, or I’m not really getting a flare atm. But I rather try then not try and see how it goes, very interesting stuff.


The CBD oil didn't work for me. I did think about trying the normal stuff, which I think might be more effective because your mind is all over the place when stoned so you don't think about the pain so much. I didn't bother for pretty much the same reason as you.

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Interesting post, thanks for that.

Glad that CBD oil seems to be helping you. I give it a real good go and took it on a regular basis for 10 weeks, but unfortunately it had little if any effect on moderate pain, which I have most of the time, and made no difference at all to my flares. I used it alongside my usual pain relief of tramadol and paracetomol.


I just got prescribed CBD+THC Medical marijuana. It is helping with sleep and some with appetite, but not with pain. If anything, it may help keep my mind off of some of the pain.

What really sucks is that my pain management doctor now says he will no longer prescribe me my Oxicontin for my RA pain because I'm on MM which mostly consists of CBD. So I call the pain management doctor who prescribed me the medical marijuana and they tell me they can't prescribe pain meds. So now I'm stuck with 5 days left of pain meds with no way to get a new script. And they wonder why people end up on heroin or kill themselves. I'm beginning to hate doctors.

I mention this experience so that anyone else considering medical marijuana to think twice. Or at least make sure your pain management doctor will continue writing you pain med scripts. Best of luck.


Oh dear. Can you not ask to be taken off the MM instead? If it's not working very well then it doesn't seem sensible to keep you on that and take away the better stuff.

Yeah it definitely isn't anything I would suggest ditching other stuff to try. I don't reckon it would be able to replace proper painkillers for those who use them, but even if it were I would want to be totally sure first.


It helps me with sleep and appetite, so it's not as simple as just dismissing for me. The fact the doctors are fully willing to prescribe toxic meds for sleep and appetite, yet are terrified of MM even though it's legal in NYS, and even though there are countless studies and centuries of use that show it's completely safe and has no interactions with drugs (unlike the meds doctors have no problem prescribing). It's completely backwards. Natural and safe is frowned upon and ignored, yet toxic and side effects are completely fine. You're right though... I'll probably have to make a decision and continue not sleeping and losing weight after I have to give up the MM. Anyway... that's my experience. I hope you're able to find something that works best for you.


I have been using cbd oil for a little over a week after shoulder surgery (I have ra), I take 1 drop on a morning under my tongue and then again on an evening, I’m not sure if the pain is less but the movement in my arm is unbelievable, maybe it suits some people and not others.


I saw a show about this on itv and found out there are different strengths and depending on the strength affects the price so may I ask what strengths you are all using plse

For my RA the CBD rather than the THC is the one to go for so any information or brands you could share would be great!


I used Charlottes Web's 800mg/8% cabbanoids 'Love Hemp' . Was a bit reluctant to buy it at first as it sounded more like some sort of sex aid than actual pain relief...can't say it helped much in that department either. :-) Anyway, I can't recall the dosage I took, but I did contact the company who advised me how much to take for RA. They claim it was grown in the sunshine state of California, and there's a lab report for quality shown in the advertisement so it should be decent stuff, though you can never be entirely sure with unregulated products. Not cheap...£54 bottle, but there's a reduction if you buy 3 bottles...I think it's 3 anyway. On top of that the company also does a 20% reduced price offer now and again, which does save a fair bit in total.

As previously mentioned, I gave it a go for 10 weeks but without any joy to speak of. Guess it's like most meds - works for some but not for others.

As the old hippie spirit that' still lingers deep within me used to say...Peace People V:-)


I have only tried the one strength, but am considering

doubling doses for when it doesn't help at first to kinda simulate a

higher strength.

I started with a lower one on the basis that I

could always take more than one dose and it means I can use higher

strengths if my condition gets worse.

I would suggest looking into Koi personally. I went with them because they post independent lab results that show the quality and they have flavours so it won't be as grim to take. I have the flavourless at 250 from amazon (Koi themselves don't deliver to the UK). Cost me about £30 I think. It tastes kinda like sugar water or a watermelon sweet.


I have been taking CBD brothers White oil for about 6 weeks I have RA and Fibromyalgia it has helped me enormously I have gone from hardly sleeping with terrible neuropathic pain to in my hands, feet and legs to being able to have proper rested sleep and very little neuropathic pain, plus the awful night sweats I used to have hardly ever happen. My joint stiffness and energy levels have also improved as has my overall mood and outlook on life. It has also helped my friend with MS quite considerably. My personal opinion is that it is to do with the strength and quality of the CBD oil you use so I would recommend anyone considering using it do their research, there are groups on Facebook that can help and where people share their experiences and information, the companies selling it are not allowed to give advice as it is sold as a food supplement. I take 3 drops of the White Oil before sleep and I have their Blue capsules as well and take one of those in the morning. It is isn't cheap but the benefits are worth the expense. Good luck to anyone trying it be patient you need to start gradually and build the amount up so one drop for the first week, two the next and then 3 drops the following week. Also check with your GP to be sure it doesn't interfere with any other medications and if you are taking pain killers leave an hour or so between them and the oil. I have managed to cut my pain killers right down because of the oil.


Glad you have found something that gives at least temporary relief. I did consider CBD oil but have read so many mixed reviews, some swear by it, others find it does nothing at all. I ended up going the Naturapath way instead and that too only gives a small but measurable amount of relief. I agree to not throw away all meds - these extra things can add some relief and same goes for healthy diet, they can offer some relief to some symptoms. Perhaps big Pharma will embrace Canabis one day and do some lab magic and find a way to use a natural herb to it’s full benefit. I agree Canabis has potential to help people, I am not convinced oil or smoking is the best delivery system.

I read about how canaboids molecules can surround inflammation cells, so it’s like a great potential waiting to be tapped. So interesting that vaping or drops work miracles for some and does nothing for others, I guess we are all so individual not only in self but in disease.


Omg omg omg!

So recently(ish) I started having this back pain. It's in that kidney/ gut kinda area so I ended up having a CT scan an colonoscopy to investigate. Turned out to be another of those unknowns.

It's been getting on my nerves for ages cos it just pops up and it's in a super annoying place and is one of those really annoying stabby pains that just doesn't let you forget it's there.

Honestly it may even be the worst of my pains cos some mean I have to sit and not do anything or go to bed, but this one actually has me suffering the whole time I have it.

Anyway, I haven't had it in a little while, but did just now and I realised I hadn't tried CBD on it yet. Gave it a go and BOOM! Gone!

It could just be a coincidence cos it does come and go sometimes, but right now it's looking like the CBD worked a miracle. That by itself is totally worth it for me. Just getting rid of this one pain is awesome and I am honestly so amazed right now. :D

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