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No pain!

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Today was the first day in so long that I wasn’t in any pain. I forgot to take my painkiller in the morning but yet I was walking about the store for three hours and never once felt any discomfort. It brings tears to my eyes right now typing cause I finally remember what it feels like to not be in pain and have the drive to do stuff because you can. I’ve long forgotten this feeling and I’m very thankful that god granted me a day of freedom and pain relief. I really hope I get a second day of it tomorrow. God bless you all as well. I hope you all have some fun pain free days really soon.

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Trust yourself, you will continue to be pain free from now on.


Here’s hoping there are very many more good days- male the most of today but test when you can and try to conserve done energy hit tomorrow .

Great to hear you sound more positive


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Good lord! I just saw the amount of typos in my first post- apologies, sausage fingers, I’m afraid!!

I’m sure you got the jist of it though.


Good news darling i am pleased for you.xxxx

That is good news, just be careful not to overdo it.

Yes take things easy and pace yourself xxx

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