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Joint pain but no Swelling ??

Hi Everyone, help, I have an 18 Yr old that has severe joint pain and has to 'click' scrunch 9like clicking your knuckles) in order to help relieve the pain. Two years ago the pain was so bad she was on tramadol and co-codamol just to help ease it, but doctors have no idea what is happening and say some of it is in her head ! to complicate matters she feels that dairy doesn't like her so we have gone lactose free.

We went to an osteopath who told us she was all wonky (probably as she was a goalkeeper and constantly threw herself on the ground) She straightened her out and she got some relief and a diagnosis of hypermobility.

Well it still there, although we are off meds unless really required. Blood test show no RA as there is no swelling. We had a hair strand test which shows her main stressors as toxic metal but we are wondering if that might be as a result of x rays and an MRI.

Doctor asked her to come off gluten and Lactose for two weeks and see if that has made a difference, any dietician will tell you that much longer is required to tell if those two things are the root of a problem, so we have only done lactose for now.

We are due back to the Doctors and I am flummoxed, I know my daughter is not faking her pain. Feeling so low about how I go about helping and solving this.

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Hi I'm sorry your daughter is suffering. Hope she gets sorted. With regards to the dairy, I can't even tolerate lactose. Maybe check with the dietician and go completely dairy free? It's helped me a bit. Good luck 🌸


the lactose is certainly helping her digestive system but no the pain


I'm so sorry to hear your daughter is in so much pain. I have several autoimmune issues but I am also lactose intolerant and gluten intolerant. The crazy thing is if I eat gluten my pain level will dramatically increase especially in my joints. The pain will then subside within a couple days until I accidentally eat gluten again. I always know after the fact if I've made a mistake. I will flare from my RA but gluten will make a flare much worse. I've also found restricting sugar as much as possible makes a difference.



Does she have psoriasis? Lots of pain but not necessarily obvious inflammation with PSA.

You sound like a lovely mum- too many people don't believe their children (I used to work with families)

I hope you get to the bottom of it. Good luck x


If in doubt or unable to diagnose, blame the patient eh? I sincerely hope you and your daughter get some sensible answers very soon. Hugs to you both


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