Pain clinic

Pain clinic

Well went to the pain clinic last night and he went through my drugs and diseases that i have. He decided that an infusion of lidocaine will help reduce the pain. He has said it won't take it away,but it will ease and make it more bearable. It will be done in the next six to eight weeks and i will go in as a day patient.

This morning i went to the drs for my neck as it has been very sore. He examined me and checked me out to make sure there was nothing else amiss. He has said it is muscular in nature. He has put me on Diazapan three times a day. I hope this helps i really do.xxxxx

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  • Could you not have the infusion sooner?

    Sorry I feel I may know the answer

    Good Luck


  • No i am on the list and i have to wait until it is my turn

  • Hi ,is this where they put it in on slow release via a drip in your hand,i have severe spinal stenosis and i think this is what i am having done i have been waiting since 28th dec 14 last Year,i jst hope it helps you too x

  • Thank you and i hope you get yours soon.xxxx

  • 16th april is it same treatment as yours xx

  • I don't know yet,let me know how yours goes

  • Hi Sylvi

    I hope the drip gives you lots of relief! Sorry your having to wait but that's our healthcare system these days. I'm waiting too for a few things. Impatiently I might add 😁. Is that a white collar dove in the photo?

    I've had a bad neck recently too. I saw a physio and he manipulated it a few times and it was fantastic!

    He taught me some exercises and If I do them every few days I keep the pain and stiffness at bay. Also make sure your pillow is still supporting where you need it to.

    My neck is fine on xray it must be all soft tissue problems. Before I saw physio I used to get pins and needles in my left arm when I bowed my head. not any more. 😄

    Take care KiKi x

  • Kiki it is a pigeon. The things we have to put up with hey. xxxx

  • Lol I know Sylvi! People have no idea. Especially when most of it invisable.

  • Hi Sylvi,

    I hadnt heard of this treatment before reading it on this site so when I saw you were having the infusions too I decided to look it up and see what the go was.

    None of my docs or the pain clinics have ever suggested it for any of my problems (RA, OA, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, arachnoiditis, spinal stenosis/myelopathy, DDD, etc etc... all causing chronic pain and neuropathic symptoms) so I dont think they use it here.

    I'm looking forward to hearing how you go.

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