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pain with no swelling

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hi is it possible to pain with no swelling im in pain all the time waiting to see reummy and start treatment next week i seem to have a good day and two where im bed bound in agony but dont really get any swelling only in knees which is oa diagnosed ra sept

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Yes I have had pain in some joints with no swelling, but when I went to rheumy on 5th Nov I did not think I had any swelling but the rheumy said that there was some swelling. I think that sometimes we do not realise that we have swelling as we are that used to it it becomes normal. I am seeing rheumy next week and may be starting treatment. Good luck at your visit and let us know how you go om

gentle hugs crisxx

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thanks chris yes i will i got diagnosed privatly to hurry up but then still had to wait for nhs next week just hope dosnt do all bloods again and im left like this over xmas ty

Hello Binlid, I have no visible swelling but bad pain on my feet. But the esr and crp blood tests show that there is inflammation in the body. The consultant should put you on something next week and not make you wait for further blood results.

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thank you hope so x

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Yes i too sometimes get pain with no obvious swelling, most of the time unfortunately i swell like a pudding!

Hope you get sorted out with your meds soon.

Take care


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thank you

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Yes me to....., I thought i would also agree with you all, I get pain without swelling,

When i went to see my Rheumy, the only swelling visible to me was my knee, but he showed me how to notice the swelling on my knuckles, which was by doing a fist, which i found difficult to do, Rheumy 's and GP normal know what to look for.

Hope everything well for you next week xx

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binlid in reply to shirlthegirl

tank you for your help

I've just asked the opposite a few days ago but really the swelling I get has always been minimal. I this time last year for instance my knees would be very painful and show little and my wrists were so painful I often felt as if I'd broken both of them and yet they never showed. However my fingers and knuckles are now visibly swollen despite little by way of pain.

I can never easily make a fist even now - but its just stiff and tight not really painful any more. If you are lucky like me then swelling shows up in the blood at least but not for everyone. Good luck for your rheum apr and if you do get visibly swollen joints at all then photo them to show the consultant. Tilda

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thank you v much

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RA is more likely to have swelling with joint flares, but there is another form of inflammatory arthritis - spondyloarthritis, which doesn't always have visible swelling, just because of which "bit" of the joint is actually inflamed. In RA it tends to be right inside the joints so you get the swelling in there, whereas in spondy its more likely the point at which the tendon joins onto bone (enthesitis).

Be a bit careful about letting yourself get "bedbound" with pain - that can just make things worse. Very gentle exercise and moving can often be far more benefit than allowing your body to "lock up" through not moving enough. Knees are difficult though, because you don't want to put too much weight on them if they are sore.

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thank you everyone my first diagnosis just said ra hope fully get to bottom of it when i see rheummy on wed

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yep i get pain without real swelling can see it under my skin the inflamation but not swelling like it sould do well as it did on start

trouble is people dont see swelling and so think their is no pain

i think it sometimes puts a light swelling under my knees especialy at the end of the day

like last night thought my little toe is hurting took me sock off and sure enough little to was swelled and down a bit by this morning probably move somwhere else in next two days.

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I tend to only get pain in certain joints where I get pain and swelling in others. For example I suffer badly with my shoulders but never see swelling. My knees and feet are the same.

Where as hands, wrists and fingers all get swelling

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