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Pen grip



Someone was asking about pen grips earlier in the week. Attached is a photo of the one I use and swear by.

It's a rinG-Pen ultra which I got online but I can't remember where (my receipt has gone so cant give the name of the seller - they were UK based) so I'm sorry but you'll have to research it to find out more. It slides onto the pen/pencil and fits a standard biro. They come in different sizes. Mine is a medium and on the back it has 'rings patented' written on it.


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There seem to be quite a few sellers - thank you for posting this!

JEM95 in reply to ITYFIALMCTT

Thanks for that.

I have a lot of problems with the nobbles on my fingers when I write - do you think this would be helpful? x

ITYFIALMCTT in reply to JEM95

You replied to me so I'm tagging in Ali_H as the OP who is in a position to comment.

JEM95 in reply to ITYFIALMCTT

Ooops! Sorry - and thanks!

You may have to get the larger size if the nodules won't let the grip slide onto your finger - only you will know this and when you find a seller as they will have measurements for each size.


Thank you so much for posting!! I was very worried about not being able to write anymore.

Thanks for adding the link ID - darn we're a good team!!😎👏

Thank you for the post this will really help me again thank you.

Hi thanks for the picture. Would you be able to tell me if the gadget takes pressure off your little finger joint...I rest my handon that joint and it gets really painful. Thanks Mary

Hi Mary, the thing is at work at the moment and I'm not sure so will check tomorrow and get back to you.


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