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Injection pen - pinch an inch or not?

I have just started Humira with a pre loaded injection pen.- take MTX by needle and can do it OK. Have done two successful injections, but the last one was a disaster. When I remove the pen there was fluid sitting on top of my skin. Had done the click, waited and watched the yellow strip go down. The pen had pierced my skin.

The leaflet says 'pinch and inch' but my nurse said 'don't pinch'

Most grateful for anyone's experiences and advice.

Thanks for everyones support.

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Hi Sali

I was always told to pinch but then I had to go into hospital and the nurse there stretched the skin instead and it hardly hurt at all. I'm not a nurse so I'm sure there is somene else more educated than me but from personal experience, I found that the best way to use the pen was to stretch the skin, press hard and click. If you're going to pinch, then let go as soon as the skin is pierced.

Hope this helps xxx


Hi, I haven't heard of pinching first but do find if I inject into an area where I could 'pinch an inch' (or 3 in my case!) then it's not nearly so painful. Sometimes I get a little fluid sitting on top after as well but never thought much of it,

good luck :)


I use Humira too. I usually pinch, but occasionally about twice in 3 1/2 years the liquid ran out not sure why. On one horrible occasion, it was staggeringly painful, and I was left with a bruise for 6 months, I think I hit an artery or something, I reported it, but no one had a clue.

#I think the needle was damaged! Anyway 99.9% of the time its easy & virtually painfree, as long as you leave out of fridge for half hour.

Best Wishes, Gina.


Thanks for all the help and info. I feel more confident now. I really think there was something wrong with the pen, but head towards Monday's injection feeling a whole lot better. x


Hi Sali,

I am not on Humira but Embrel and I use a pen filled injection, I have the same problem with some of the fluid 'seeping' at the end sometimes. The first time I saw this I emailed my rhumy nurse to see if it was something that I had done incorrectly, the reply was not to worry as this happens at times. Since then I have made sure that I take the pen out of the fridge for an hour before injecting and then start the count after the second 'click' to 20 instead of the usual 10, before lifting the pen away. My other problem is that at times I bleed a lot afterwards, and the swabs went down to four instead of eight. I have managed to get some more swabs from Healthcare at Home. I mentioned this my nurse on my last visit again all normal. Hope this helps, Elaine


Hi Elaine, thanks so much for your post. Sorry to hear about your bleed, I normally just have a spot and then a bruise, but that is small fry compared to the pain I was in. I think I am just stressing having to take all these new things on board. Thanks again. x


Hello looks like your OK now.

Have been on Humira injections since 2009... Was told to pinch; prick; release skin; inject; pinch; withdraw.

But everyones different and you may just need to find what works for you.

All the best,


Hi farjer and thanks for posting your answer. Monday's injection went OK after all the stressing. I think you are right about needing to find what works. Perhaps I just need to relax more!

Thanks again, hope you have a good day.


I was told to pinch, inject, let skin release, count to ten withdraw. I also take it out of the fridge for half an hour first. Sometimes its ,more painful than others, I do get some liquid left occoassionally. It does hurt a bit, and sometimes I am left with a bruise. Its usually ok though. Hope it goes better in future, oh I am on Humira too


Thanks Georgia. I think taking it out of the fridge for half an hour really does help - I even set the timer on Monday. Took a deep breath! I don't have any of these problems with my MTX syringe dosage - that is painless compared to the pen. Looks like I just have to practice!

Have a good day.


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