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Blue badge advice

Hi everyone

I have now been taking Benepali for over three months and my inflammation is worse than ever. I'm due to see the rheumatologist in two weeks, she. I expect they will change my medication....don't know what to though...

The inflammation is now in my ankles and knees and I find it difficult to stand, walk bend the knee etc.

I am not on disability or pip or motability as I'm too old. It appears blue badges are given automatically when these benefits are received. I've looked at the applicarion form previously when just my hands and wrists were affected and couldn't complete it because I could walk..now I can't walk but hoping I will with Injections..how do I answer the questions when my inflammation is migratory and I can sometimes walk?

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You can apply for a blue badge even though you don't receive benefits one of two ways: 1, speak to your GP if they agree they can write a letter to send with your application. 2, Or still apply and you'll be asked to go for an assessment by your local council. Hope this helps. Rie

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I'm sorry to hear things aren't too good though hopefully once you've seen your Rheumy you'll have a new plan of action which will see things improve.

I applied for a Blue Badge as I have difficulty walking distance in the main. I am in receipt of PIP but just fell 2 points of the standard award for the Moving Around component which would have made me automatically eligible, helped by the assessor who chose not to include important details, funny that. Anyhow, I decided I'd try & apply despite that as I'd nothing to lose, they could only say go away. Fortunately in my area the application process is via TellyTalk at my local library so I figured at least I was talking to someone face to face, telling someone first hand of my general difficulties & why I was applying even so. Well, she understood my limitations & it was all done on the same day, application completed, photo taken & I received my BB through the post. It's been so helpful I'm sure you'll find so too. When I first started using it when I had the odd better day & not going far I tended not try to use it, as much as anything to force myself to walk that bit more but those days are few & far between at the mo so it's in pretty much constant use. I wouldn't like to be without it, especially for hospital appointments as it's a far enough hike to the Rheumy Dept in the big hospital without adding the distance from the car park!

Maybe this will help give some info about applying for a BB citizensadvice.org.uk/benef... You'll note it's for England so if you're in another country you'll need to select it from the drop down box.

Good luck, let us know if you're successful.

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If you google the name of your local authority plus "blue badge criteria", it will guide you. I don't receive higher rate DLA but my local authority allows you to apply for a discretionary blue badge. It's a lengthy form and asks you questions such as; how many metres can you walk? and on how many days? I was very honest and then was called for an assessment in person. She awarded the badge instantly based on the time it took me to walk a certain distance and how I walked. When it was time to renew my badge, my mobility was worse and I was awarded the badge purely based on paper. If you fluctuate in mobility, it may be that you are called for a face-to-face assessment but it really wasn't bad. The assessor was so nice and only wanted to help.

This link is where you start; gov.uk/blue-badge-scheme-in...


Just tell them how it iis today. I can really pnly walk 50 yards then have t sit down. I had mine 4 yrs ago and it has been a real help good luck xx


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