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Blue badge advice

Back in the UK and got zinas right to remain at last, such a relief.

They have allowed me to drive again and I am so happy

So I have limited use one one side, all sorts of bits falling off or needing repair, still paralysed down one side. Heart valves RA and more.

I took my car out at the weekend to Exeter and parked in the furthest disabled space that I could find and no other bays were in use at the local Tesco. A huge mistake as I was a accosted by an older aged female in her Mercedes station wagon. She used every bad word that she knew at me in front of my daughter. I did not retaliate, just said lady you cannot always see a disability. She took pictures of my R8 and flid sticker on the dashboard and said she was reporting me. She even followed me into the store giving me crap. Daughter was so upset over it and now thinks her daddy is in trouble.

I held my tongue and if it had been a guy I would have head butted them as she was at my face. Surprised the police were not called.

Seriously are disabled people not allowed to drive nice cars?

So do I use the badge or not?

Maybe I should use the disabled tax certificate and register the vehicle as a disabled.

I am so cross, maybe next time I will have the roof off.

I need a sticker saying you cannot always see a disability. Where can I buy one, must I drive a Honda CRV

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Great news re your daughter! Really sorry about your confrontation with that ignorant woman re parking. I wonder if you could get a sticker made with whatever you feel is appropriate, within reason? Could Nras produce a sticker? A picture of a wheel chair, to me, doesn't make sense with the slogan.

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I am too embarrassed to use the badge now when I have my daughter with me. Maybe next time I will take a walking stick. It is not as though I ran into the store but I hide my pain well especially in front of my daughter and the public

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Does your daughter mind about the badge? I'm sure she's just happy to be with her Dad. A walking stick gives credibility for those who don't understand, but that should be down to your choice/need, not to shut up the moaners. Horrible experience, particularly when your daughter was with you. Nasty woman!!!!

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If o had a chariot I would have run the lady over lol

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Just ignorant Minty. Ignore and walk on. Great news re your wee lass :)

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If you know how relieved i am I as would have left the UK for good if I had been refused her visa

So glad for you and your daughter well done !!! Bet she's happy with wrinkles I always park in disabled nxt to Costa in village and heads spin off when I get out of my BMW brand new off mobility auto black cream leather not to high up but it's auto so easy for me to drive but it makes me smile as I'm 70 goin on 30 in my head Not past my sell by yet lol x

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Hey 70 IS the new 30 didn't you know!! 😉 X

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I am in my head and all my friends are younger but they are really supportive and look after me so lm lucky and the car my son picked he's 30,he's not long been bk from china so I've got him to look after at the moment joking he helps me a lot but I do try to be independent as much as I can not quite ready for scooterx

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You sound such fun with a youthful mind. Love that. Your attitude will get you everywhere! ( Without scooter) xx 😄

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Should have had the convertible

It sounds like a very jealous lady who couldn't find a car parking space. You were right not to retaliate darling and i feel for your daughter so upset because she thinks her daddy is in trouble with the police,i take it you explained to her why you parked there darling.xxxx

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I just told her that I was feeling sore the day that I parked, Zina asked me why can I not park in parent and child. I would have done so if there was a parking space.

I’m so sorry to hear this and I have not had as bad an experience thank goodness but being 30 something and pulling up into a disabled bay always got me stares and a couple of older folks asking if I knew “these are for the disabled and elderly”!? Even though they appeared to be walking perfectly well themselves and I’ve literally had to point them to my badge!

Only once ppl see the limp or difficulty getting from the vehicle or peoples walking aids do they stop and continue on their day but it is still a shame that unless you look 80+ with a wheelchair that some folks will jump to conclusions and unfortunately it will never go away so get a badge, a bumper sticker or even a fog horn if it makes you happy and I hope that lady receives her karma for being so vile in front of your daughter.

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I drive an Audi R8 Spyder super car and a S3 5 door, neither of which look as though they are suitable for disabled people to drive. Maybe I should drive a more suitable car but why should I

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I noticed today a lady running once she was around the corner but I do not judge others

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They are wonderful cars and you should drive whatever you want so don’t be discouraged and as for the sprinter clearly using someone else’s badge or a very very crooked owner!

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She might have had a prosthetic limb but I do not judge. I have noticed several badge holders limping out of their vehicles and as soon as they are in the shops they are walking normally.

Can fully empathise with your situation - people are so judgemental. Probably me just being a bit thick, but what's an R8 and flid sticker?

An R8 is an Audi but pretty special, a proper sporty high performance car. The one Minty has is a Spyder, a convertible.

Flid sticker is a disability sticker, maybe Blue Badge. I shan't go into where flid comes from as it's not nice or pc.

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Nomoteheels I have just worked out flid, yes that is mean of them

I have a sticker on my car saying not all disabilities are visible.

Bought from amazion

I had a similar scenario as you

I was parked in a disabled parking area in a park. The only spot available Had my windows down when a lady drove by my side am I disabled as I’m parked in the wrong space. Made me move as she wanted the space. I did move but felt I shouldn’t .

I watched her get her scooter out of car and assemble it( something I can’t do) as my RA mainly affects my upper limbs.

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I am waiting to be on social media as that lady took photographs, for all she knew I might have had a prosthetic limb,people are so mean sometimes if they cannot see a problem.

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A badge is a concession not a right and I only use when struggling.

I’ve had the same issue. Stickers available from the super NRAS website. Stay calm.... we don’t need extra stress with all we cope with. Warmest wishes

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Not only stickers available now guys. I was given a lanyard and badge to wear at the Airport which lets people know I have an invisible disability. I cant climb the steps up to planes so they take us up in mobile lift onto plane.

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Hey Lucy I have had the special truck take me on and off the plane a few times.

You can buy “Not all disabilities are visible” stickers on Amazon. Very cheap for a pack of two. I admire your self control. Not sure I could have kept my temper! Sometimes in supermarkets I get the same reaction to my mobility scooter - and it’s far smaller than some of the pushchairs! My patience is tested!

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Some of the mums with pushchairs need a licence

I'm embarrassed & ashamed a fellow Merc estate owner behaved in such a way toward you, particularly being as your daughter was with you. What is wrong with people, it's as though they lose all sense of what's acceptable.

Funnily enough, we were just leaving our disabled space in the car park whilst out shopping yesterday when my h clocked a grumble & looked round. It was a Ferrari idling up looking for a space (brill personalised reg by the way though I'd best not reveal here!). The driver, a woman, parked up into a Disabled space outside TK Maxx & he said that he bet that it wasn't a Motability car. He didn't question if she was entitled to park there.

What a great car by the way Minty! My h would rather like one of those. 👌

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I have always had nice cars and have wasted so much money on them.

My daily car is an S3 5 Door Quattro but now changing that for a Tiguan R-line. To be more in keeping with my mobility needs I do not drive like a boy racer just like nice cars. Will use my tax exempt form upon renewal. I know that my health is getting worse but I am not giving up driving just yet. Not allowed to drive for two weeks again but my friend is arriving shortly after a nearly four hour drive to stay and get me out of this hospital as it is full of 🤕 people. Back here on Monday yet again, having to do as I am told for a while.. maybe I should have a mobility scooter and ask some friends to de restrict it he he

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Pleased you'll be using your tax exemption next time, you've been awarded it so why not? We've only bought from new twice, both cars for me, one bought from Italy & collected ourselves. Otherwise we've had one year or under's. Saved lots doing that. We're looking to change ours again, want something a little higher but it's proving difficult finding something with a big space at the back for the dogs without going silly size or price because we've renovations to do on the bungalow. That's good of your friend to collect you, I hope the next fortnight goes quickly for you, not the best needing to rely on others to drive you around, my h would vouch for that!

Just rise above these ignorant people Minty their not worth it, you've as much right to park there as they have

Glad you managed to get your daughter leave to remain, brilliant news. Don't take any notice of the horrid bag, use the badge you are entitled to it. I noticed in John Lewis the other day that on the disabled loo they have the statement "not all disabilities are visible" . Perhaps try and print out and laminate the above and stick it in your car. I was thinking of trying to get a blue badge , as trying to get out of the car is painful and a nightmare in small spaces. - do a sign or Amazon :

When I'd had surgery on my feet & was on crutches some obnoxious old biddy had a go at me for using a disabled parking space (also in Tescos) ........admittedly I was still hanging on to the car trying to grab my crutches, so she hadn't seen them, but that's not the point.

Having called me a "Lazy Bovine female" I quietly whispered to her, that I shouldn't really be out as "I have a very contagious disease & that I parked there as it was well away from healthy people" !

She took off as fast as fat old slobs can run!

I'm sorry your daughter was upset, but I'm sure she will soon forget the incident.

I can't work out if you have an official "Blue Badge" or not......that is the only thing recognised to allow the use of disabled parking if you don't have one yet,,,get onto it ASAP.......whatever you do- don't head butt anybody.....kick the tyres & forget that silly old woman!

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I have an official blue badge and unfortunately I will be getting another one next time around. Look some days I do t use it and if there is a space close I will not use the badge. It just gets me cross when people judge, as from Friday this week I cannot drive again for two weeks after the operation

You should have taken photographs of her Minty! Some people seem to like to try and intimidate others with phone cameras but dislike it very much when you do likewise! Intrusive cheeky wee besom! Judging a book by it's cover isn't nice.

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She was driving a brand new black E class merc station wagon. I was furious

when she followed me I tot the shop and in my face.

Not cross for her actions but as it upset my daughter, I expected the police to be outside when I left, I was concerned about the amount of medication but checked with the pharmacist and my gp, they said if I feel ok I can drive

Can I ask why you don’t use your blue badge, assuming you have one?

My friend has a rare neurological condition that affects her muscles, and can’t walk very far unaided, but doesn’t look disabled, and despite always displaying her blue badge, which she has had for decades, she has been challenged by other drivers several times when parking in disabled bays. Why do people think they have the right to abuse others when they know nothing of their circumstances? Makes me mad! I have even been known to put on a limp when heading for a disabled toilet so that I don’t have to go up and down stairs to the regular loos with my dodgy knees, cos if you don’t look disabled, you get some dirty looks!!

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I do t use it if I am having a good day, I do not always need to use it and if I don’t need to use the badge then I don’t as there are many other people in this world who are less fortunate who need the parking space which I feel is right, I do t just park because I have a badge, I do not abuse the privilege.

I have a sticker on the back of my car as like you I got a lot of abuse.

I got mine from NRAS IT SAYS " Not all disabilitys are visible " . Sorry you had to go through that it is not nice.

Know how you feel a few years that happened to me. Tried to explain about having RA but just got a torrent a abuse. She said she had a friend that was far worse than me. Every time I thought about it I got upset. That’s why this page is so helpful we can chat to people in the same boat who understand.

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I used to have a friend Carl he had one leg and rode a motorbike, remember him having an argument with a traffic warden, one day there was an argument and he threatened to club the traffic warden, I could not stop laughing at how quickly he unclipped that leg.

I have 2 stickers which I have had for some years. One says ‘You can have my blue badge if you take my disabiity with it’. The other says ‘I may not look disabled but you don’t look stupid ‘.

I swap them around occasionally.

No idea why their should be a problem the badge is in two parts and has a photo of you on it, does'nt it ?. If you don't have a badge then why did you park in a disabled bay. The car is irrelevant really the entitlement to use a blue badge is the question. By the way I have a Honda a great car ! No different sticker will stop these type of comments so just ignore her if you can and say that you'd rather be able to walk etc than be forced to use a badge which gives you an identity you'd rather not have, and the chaffuer for the Rolls Royce is having a day off. lol xx

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One side it has the issue date and a hologram Sadly the photograph is on the other side.

Honda seems to be a very comfortable car I just will not buy one yet as my friend works for Honda UK and teases me their market

is aimed at people above sixty.

Maybe I will have a CRV in years to come.

Dear Minty1972,

First of all, a few answers, for you. YES, you can, use YOUR Blue Badge....It WAS issued to you. (I too have 'Hidden Dis-abilities', though I don't actually Drive myself) Secondly, YES you can tell, this person to...erm, erm f...erm Go Away! The onus is NOT, on you anyway, the fact that you have a Blue Badge means you have, very clearly, been assessed as needing one. I have Held a Blue Badge, for about ten years now, and have been 'challenged' three times. Once way by a genuine Parking Attendant, one by a Traffic Warden and, the third by someone who thought that, my Carer, wasn't entitled to Park in the Bay.

I know that it's hard, especially when others (your own Daughter, for example) are present, to 'Stick To Your Guns' but, the truth is, You ARE entitled to be there. There is also, no harm, in having a 'Nice' car....Who bought the 'thing' anyway? I know that it's, far from, in your Nature but, on occasion, you just have to Fight Your Corner. By the way, a while ago now, there was quite a bit, of Discussion over Blue Badges. If you type, a search, into the Top Righthand 'Search HealthUnlocked' box it will find these 'Posts'.

Please do let us all know, how you get on Minty. Kindest wishes.


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,hi Andrew

I brought the car for me, needs wants desires lol,

It is hospital op Friday as they cancelled last week for some unknown reason without notice. The. I have to have another op in a few weeks at Bristol as he is one of the few specialists around. Will be off line for at least a week I am sure.

I want one of those blue three wheeler disabled things that my gran had in the UK many years ago.

I am sure some people on here will remember them

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Nope, not a clue! 😉

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Dear Minty1972,

Those light blue, one person, 'Invalid Cars' haven't been made for many years. I used to have a friend, who had one, but I'm Going Back about thirty-five years.

Generally speaking, the modern approach, is to have a car- of your own choice- Adapted To Your Needs. Clearly certain Models 'Lend Themselves', to particular modification, better than others. It, really is, a question of speaking to, the Dealer, about your individual needs. Some friends, of ours- she had a, Major stroke, about fifteen years ago- now have a vehicle that she can Drive, her powerchair, onto. At the touch, of a control, the Ramp comes up- the door closes and everything locks in place.

My advice is to find a suitable Dealer, not every one does 'Mobility', and talk to them about, your individual, requirement(s). A list, of Mobility Approved Dealers- in your area-, is available 'on line'. Be prepared to take TIME, making your decisions- How long, did it take, to get Those Shoes, right? In any event, why not enjoy, the experience?

Best wishes


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I do t need to take the car option for the money but I have looked. It seems a nice scheme-for people to use. I might however use the tax certificate exemption maybe next year or when I px my daddy cool car

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Why haven't you used the car tax exemption Minty?! You're entitled so use it! Don't you dare not use your R8 on a day you need to use your BB either! I'm sure now your daughter has got over the shock of that woman's attack if it ever happens again she'll know her daddy isn't in the wrong, just that old bids like that need to keep their big hooter out of other people's business. Some people aren't happy unless they're making others' lives a misery.

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Oh yes I remember those my friend had one. He was disabled from birth and had to walk on crutches. He drove his 3 wheeler from the Southport in the North west to Bristol when he went to live there in1972. Great little car..

I have a blue badge that says "Not every disability is visible. I got it on line but not sure where. Another person showed it on another group I am in.

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I want one but will. It stick anything on my bumper and do not have the window space so it is a dashboard space only. The other option is to have an add on to my number plate surround.

What gives people the right to judge others that are younger. Is it something to do with the war. I have had that lecture too. I also fought for my country and have done several tours in Afghanistan.

My daughter does not want me to use my badge in case it causes trouble. She looks around every time I have gone to park .

and says daddy there is a nice space over there

I am moving very soon to Stamford, just hope things are different in that area.

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Dear Minty1972,

IF your concern, is the Possible Treatment of Veterans, then move to a Garrison Town- or Royal Wootton Basset (which received it's Royal Charter because, of the Respect, shown to Wounded, and Dead, returning Veterans.). Personally, whilst I may not necessarily agree with the deployment, our Brave Soldiers are Hero's- one and all! Please DO be aware, that the VAST MAJORITY, of people COMPLETELY SUPPORT our brave Armed Forces. Yes some, like me, think that we should pull 'Our Boys' out- or at least back- from the Danger Zone. However because you ARE THERE, your Greatly Respected and admired.

Sending Support and Respect.


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