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Cimzia to humira switch

Hey everyone. Haven't posted for a while as cimzia was working ok. But recently had flare up after flare up on cimzia so rheumy is switching me to humira . I am hopeful but how long is wash out period? Anyone know? Thanks - wishing u all good health on this sunny day

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Hope all goes well - I'm on Cimzia 🤞

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I went from cimzia to humira. There is no wash out period as cimzia has a relatively short half life. You may have a few weeks break in terms of practicalities; getting funding for humira and getting it delivered but it should otherwise be a swift transition. Best of luck!


Thanks! I thought I read somewhere washout was 12 weeks which was why I was a little scared - but that's reassuring . Obs I will ask my nurse at my upcoming apt - thanks again!!

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