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Hi Everyone on this damp rain filled day, well it is here,hope the rest of the country is having better weather.

My first lot of Cimzia is being delivered tomorrow so all things being equal I should start the injections soon. I know I am having 2 shots each fortnight over a 6 week period.Then down to the normal fortnightly dosage.

I would be really interested to hear from anyone already taking Cimzia positive or otherwise. I know we all react differently but you are the ones with the experience so would greatly appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

Thank you


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Hi Smithfield, I am also taking Cimzia and in the middle of the loading doses. I noticed a marked improvement from the next day after injection. I have found that as the 2 weeks progress it feels like it wears off. I don't know if it's because it's still new in my system or that's the normal for the drug. I also take 400mg HCQ alongside it and 10mg Pred also. I feel that good from it that I'm actively looking to start reducing the steroid because of how harmful it is long term. I'm going to start riding my bike to work from tomorrow (weather permitting) I feel that much better!! Hope it all goes well for you with your experience.

Thank you for sharing Pomp. That is exactly the combination of medication I am on. Must be how the consultants see them complimenting each other.

I must admit the hydroxcholroquine has not touched the pain or the inflammation, but when I queried continuing it I was told to keep taking it as it would complement the Cimza.

Thank you again for your reply I am happy that you feel well enough to think about reducing steroids and I hope you get the weather to enjoy your bike.


Will ask the nurse when she starts the injections about the reducing of benefits prior to the next injection.

Hi Pomp. Did my first two injections this morning. Asked the nurse about it wearing off and she said " yes it will do into it is thoroughly in your system., which will probably be after the first three sets of loading injections.

Hope that is helpful.

Best wishes


Hi Smithfield, glad everything went well. Exactly as the nurse has said the effect lasts longer. I've had my last loading dose last week and all is going well. I've started riding my bike again and I'm feeling so much better. Hope it all goes well for you in the future.

That is so good to hear. I had less pain during the night than I normally have, and no morning stiffness. Impressed.

So you have noticed it wearing off less the further into the treatment you have got?

Best Wishes and thank you for your positive support.


No, as the loading doses have gone on it hasn't worn off for me. I feel so much better, I'm happier in myself as not feeling down all the time due to the chronic pain. I wouldn't say the pain has gone totally but the little bit I do get is down to me over doing it a bit!

Your comments have really helped me a lot, thank you.

I know I am only on day one but I feel lighter in myself probably because at last the treatment has started.

I guess where we have been unable to do things for so long , when we can it is easy to over do it.

While still in pain especially in my knees,

I have achieved more today than in the past month.

Take Care


Thank you, I'm glad that I could help. I'm still new to this disease myself. I just hope that it continues well for us both! Take care

And you, keep in touch

Kia it is not a problem your links are always useful.


Hi Smithfield.

I was on Cimzia for 13 weeks but have now been changed onto Benepali (Etanercept).

It did reduce swelling for me but unfortunately didn't do much for pain relief.

I had no adverse side effects and no site reactions when I was on it.

Hope it works well for you 😃 x

smithfield in reply to Sanbanan

Thank you for replying.

I hope the benepali is working for you.Good news you had no side effects.

Thank you again for taking the time to share.


Sanbanan in reply to smithfield

Have just had my 1st injection of Benepali so too early to tell but no reactions so far....all good 😃

Everyone reacts differently to all the available Meds so fingers crossed we both get good results xx

smithfield in reply to Sanbanan

Yes fingers crossed for positive results it is a bit of a hit and miss process.

But I am thinking positively.

smithfield in reply to Sanbanan

Hi Sanbanan, Can I just ask when they changed you toBenipali did you have to go through the assessment/funding process all over again?

Regards, Smithfield.

Sanbanan in reply to smithfield


No I didn't need all the checks done again. The consultant contacted the head pharmacist and they sorted it all.

I think once you have had the tests then it's a quicker process if you need to change to a different biologic.

It took nearly 4 weeks to transfer over from last injection of Cimzia to Benepali and I did notice the difference only being on Sulphasalazine during that time but at least it wasn't too long a time to wait. Xx

smithfield in reply to Sanbanan

That is a positive . I thought the process might have to start again.

But positive thoughts Cimzia is going to work for me.

It is just sitting in the fridge, just need the nurse to contact me.

Thank you for getting back to me.

Take Care


Sanbanan in reply to smithfield

No probs. Let me know how you get on x

I hope CIMZIA does the same for you as it did for me! It improved my condition rapidly and enabled me to get control of my life back. Stick with it and good luck.

Thank you so much Stbernhard.

Glad you have your life back and you are having such a positive outcome.

So encouraging thank you.

Hi Smithfield, I'm due to start on Cimzia next week. I was diagnosed with RA six months ago and currently on methotrexate 17.5mg, hydroxychloroquine and prednisolone 7mg. Fingers crossed for both of us. Happy to keep in touch with my progress.

Good luck!

smithfield in reply to MarilynMz

Hi Maralyn .Had first injections this morning.

Have you started yours yet?



Hi Marilyn, the first post to you seems to have been swallowed up.!!

Thank you for responding, would love to keep in touch to see how we progress. The Cimzia has been delivered but do not know when I will actually start the injections, I know the nurse has to contact me within 48 hours , but when she will visit I don't know.

People have kindly responded with their experience on it,and they all sound positive.

Best Wishes for when you start.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Actually, how long did it take you from delivery to injection?

Best wishes


P.s. I am glad they have put me on a drug I can spell.


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