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Morning, I just got my letter saying I been accepted for Cimzia and the health ppl will be in contact ....... Another journey awaits .feel kind of excited yet scared !

Angie x x

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I too am waiting for an appointment for Cimzia as well. I just hope i hear before i go on holiday. Angie keep me informed on how you get on with

minxy1960 in reply to sylvi

Hi Sylvi ,well i go on Holiday end of May i dont want to take it before i go just in case, so im hoping i dont have to start before i go to be honest.Sylvi will i need a letter from Rhumi team so i can take my MTX injection with me.

Oh Sylvi lets hope Cimzia works it be so wonderful.

Angie xx

That makes 3 of us - I got a letter with confirmation for Cimzia this morning too!

I'm pleased but a bit wary too - will be really interested how you both get on and

would be good to hear some other Cimzia success stories.

Mags x

minxy1960 in reply to Mags126

Oh Wow,well done Mags we will have to form a little trio blog ....

good luck keep in touch




well done. wish I COULD get some too, hope it goee well x

minxy1960 in reply to Hidden

Thank you Summer, perhaps if the three of us save a tad each time we inject there be enough for you ...:)

Hope you have a nice weekend



Hi all I have been on Cimzia now for 18 months. Its brilliant except for some sinusitis I have had no side effects. The great thing is it is strong enough to be used on its own unlike other biologicals which I had to supplement with Mtx. The injections are easy and the syringes are especially designed for handling. So good look all. Here is hoping it has the same effect.


minxy1960 in reply to shazbat

Thank you for the positive blog.

soft hugs



How often do u take cimzia?

Great stuff excited for you xx

I take the cimzia every 2 weeks. Everything else had failed or I had bad reactions. It really has been a lifeline. If I can help with any questions please ask x


I took cimzia upto about 6wks ago. Initially the first 3 loading doses was brilliant as it made me feel normal and I was able to do lots of things that I could not do previously. Even on the single dose I still felt good. The positives are the ergonomic handles very easy to do the injection. No injection site reaction. Unfortunately the drug only worked well for me for 3/4 months and after christmas it was beginning to fail. I was sorry to come of it as i had go into a routine, but in the end it stopped working for me as i was beginning to flare once again. I'm now on enbrel and have been taking it for a month now.

I wish you luck on it and I hope it works. You will feel brilliant on it!

Take care Joanne x

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