Hi all, well tomorrow is the day I start Cimzia. I'm a little apprehensive at the thought but hopeful it can rid me of the aches a pains that Hydroxychloroquine can't quite manage. Also getting worried about the amount of steroid I'm taking or had since November. Will have to wait until September before I'm due a follow up DAS score to see where I am with it.

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  • Good luck !!!! I hope this is THE ONE! Xx

  • Thanks, so do I! Can't wait to get back to some normality like riding a bike, walking without a limp and being able to hold something without expecting to drop it!! Just to name a few....

  • Fingers and everything crossed for you , rest up Friday X

  • Will I have to then? I'm expecting to go to work tomorrow afternoon and the same Friday.

  • No , but personally in tired and actually a bit more sore after the infusion . However that is me and not you .

    See how you go, it might invigorate your!! And then you if you don't work weekends have time to rest then.

    Good luck , mine has been very good and helpful ! And I hope the clown is on a day off !!

    I take DVD player and videos and some drinks, my department gives you sandwhiches for lunch but I still take a snack and a cardi as I chill down.

    You can walk to loo though taking the drip stand with you .

    I'm sure it will be fine! Xxx A X

  • Oh right I see. I'm having the injection at home not the infusion. Hopefully it won't be as tiring for me. I'm working all over the weekend as well due to my job and won't have any real time off for another couple of weeks. Guess I might have to have some sick days if needed! That should keep work happy! Ha ha.

  • Oh good, hopefully that should be better , I haven't had the injections . I do hope you feel much better and less tired .

    Good luck xx

  • Thanks Allanah.

  • Let us know how it all goes , thinking of you xx

  • Hi - I started Cimzia injections at home in October. I can't even remember how I felt after the first one but now I just give myself a quiet time for 15 mins but it doesn't make me tired or anything. I've been food shopping straight after before! And the improvement has been great. I'm doing so much more now and only being held by by damage to my knees over past 12 months. I'm hoping my methotrexate will be slowly reduced now. So good luck!

  • Hello, CIMZIA has been a blessing for me. It enabled me to get back control of my life and do the things you mentioned again. Well not cycling, my knees have gone, but I am in remission now and I don't believe I would be without CIMZIA. I hope it will work as well for you as it did for me. Best wishes and please keep us up to date.

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