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Leg cramps and leg "jerks"

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Hi everyone. I am new. I'm 70yr, with RA, osteoarthritis and fibro. Just has my it knee replaced. It's great. About 7 weeks I had a RA flair in both feet and ankles. It's better, but I cannot lie down or sit with legs up in recliner without getting leg cramps, "elect shocks" or "knee involentary jerking. I had to stop arthritis meds before and after the surgery. Am back on orencia, plaquenil, methotrexate, prednisone and diclofenac. I've had the RA for 40yrs. Anyone have an idea re: the leg cramps. Not able to sleep well at night or naptime. 😉

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I get those too! I'll be following to see what helps - sorry I don't have any suggestions 😕

My mum gets them too. Had her knee replacement at 70 also but she's now 82. I think her cramps came on a long time after knee replacement though so possibly not related to it. Cramps occur in the night but She doesn't get the knee jerk at all. Her doctor says it's related to vascular issues rather than RA but the medications over long term use cause this.

Hi,Just wondered if you have ever had restless leg. I may be totally off base but thought it could be worth a mention. I have lupus, RA and others, but things like restless leg that I get is so wearing. It came on without me knowing really but now I find it difficult to rest without it starting. It feels for me like cramps, like pins are being stuck in my feet, and jerking and sometimes although I have Raynauds my feet burn now. Also think about whether it is in both legs or just the one operated on. If it just the one let your GP know as it could be a nerve or circulation problem. All the best.

I wondered about restless legs, like Johare above. My husband gets terrible restless legs and takes magnesium which helps a lot. If you don't want to take yet more pills (lol) you can get a magnesium spray which you can spray anywhere on your body. It can sting a bit until you've built up your magnesium reserves but it seems to work well. The orthopaedic surgeon who my husband saw said that everyone should take a magnesium supplement as we are all deficient. Clemmie

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Thanks for the reply. I try to eat a banana or orange every day, but that probably isn't enough. I may try the supplement to see if it helps.

Hi cageorge - What you are describing (the jerking) is something I get when I take something I am allergic to, like Tylenol, or an antihistamine. I would talk to the doc about what is going on... It's hard to sleep when you cramp and have muscle jerks..

I think the electric shocks (I hate 'em!) can be due to nerve impingement from swelling in the surrounding tissues. I don't get restless legs but I've had cramp for years. Over that time I've seen cramp discussed on many occasions on forums and only rarely has somebody got a conclusive explanation from their doctor. I suspect it may have several causes, though that's no help I know. Do you have varicose veins? 'Cos personally I veer towards the vascular explanation at the moment. Though when inflammation from PsA was out of control the cramps were very frequent. People say dehydration also causes it.

Are you able to walk, do leg lifts .... swim .... anything that gets the blood going round? I think that does help.

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Thanks for your reply. I did have a RA flare and ankles have been swollen. Think you are right about the exercise. Just had bad knee injected, so I can start them again.

Hi l used to get severe cramps and jitters every night and my consultant prescribed quinine sulphate. It works for me and cramps happen far less . Hope this helps x

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