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Leg cramps

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Good morning all ..does anyone else have terrible leg ankle and groin cramps ..n if you do , have you any idea if it's related to ra .I've had cramp before but this is more painful and even moving feet can cause awful pain in calf and groin area .....

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Hi, sorry to hear you're getting these awful cramps. They seem to be RA related. I have them in the backs of my legs and in my feet. As you say sometimes I just have to move my toes to set it off and it's agonising. I do take magnesium which helps a lot.

Don't thin k they are related me and husband had them for years. Now take magnesium supplements which work for us

I don't have any cramps, but I do get horrible swelling... almost like a moldable clay around my shins. And my ankles and feet swell up bad. This gets worse when standing long periods. I didn't have these problems until after I started on the RA drugs, but it could just be the progression of the disease as well. I wonder if your cramps are related to dehydration from the medications that tend to dehydrate us?

I think it must be related. I get it really badly, I find if I can relax into it, it helps (hard I know) if I jump around it seems far worse. I find if I over do it, swimming walking etc....then it's worse. & I know it sounds silly but I try not to move my legs or feet to quickly at night.

I get awful cramp. Years ago it used to be occasional and mild but for the past couple of years it is awful, like you I get it in my ankle and I my groin which always seems to me to be very weird. I remember wondering what was happening first time I got it in my ankle and groin. It's also very painful if I get it in my thigh. I didn't even know you could get it in those places.

I also get it in my calf. It's so severe these days that I've got to get out of bed to try and get my foot flat on the floor and sometimes it isn't that easy to get it flat. I also find that very often the muscle is still really painful in the morning.

I've given up trying to find out what causes it or find something that stops it, it's always so random. I do tend to get it if I'm stretched out lying on my back watching television in the evening so I wondered if i was compressing something by lying in that way so I try not to do that. Mostly I get cramp during the night so I haven't a clue and like I say I've given up trying to figure it out.

Hi mine is the same. .soon as start to relax the awful cramps start ..I'm going see rheumatologist next week I will ask him and let you no

Definately agree to take magnesium. I used to get awful cramp in my legs particularly at night. I take magnesium just before I go to bed so on an empty stomach & I no longer get cramps, plus it helps me sleep and also helps if anyone suffers from anxiety and depression. Keep well.

I used to get dreadful cramp in my feet and calves until I was prescribed quinine. They've stopped but I now get the most excruciating cramp in my upper thighs. The pain is worse than child birth, although I had three easy births and my youngest child is 25 so memory may be involved here! The cramp sometimes reduces me to tears and anything I do at the time seems to make it worse.

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Me too the quinine certainly helps

Sometimes it can be caused by medication or low possasium. Try eating a banana s day for a couple of days. Of it continues I would call the doctor.

I've been having the odd leg cramp this past week or two, usually in my calf. I had one when I woke up this morning. Like Downtime, I tend to get them when I raise my toes or move my foot. I recently stopped taking asprin as a blood thinner because of acid reflux, so am thinking that this might be the cause?

Thoughts welcome.

Yes i get painful cramps down the back of my legs it is agony and is still sore even when the cramp has eased.I sometimes feel it coming on and stretch and rub it eases the cramp a little.I also have restless legs so not so nor sure of the cause quinine did not help.I dislike bananas but worth a try.

So sorry to hear that you are suffering. I had terrible foot and let cramps and they are 99% gone since taking magnesium 4 times a day, with meals then at bedtime. I have had a few here and there, not too serious, and take a tablespoon of mustard. I take Dijon, anything works, and it seems to go away very quickly. The brand I take is Doctor's Best High Absorption, found on Amazon. I took another brand and did not see the same results. Good luck and good health to you! Take care, Penny

I have RA. I suffer withleg and body cramps tingling in legs I think its the medication I'm on.

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