MoviPrep before colonoscopy - help!

I am due to get a colonoscopy tomorrow and have to take MoviPrep. I am really struggling to keep this down. I've had one glass so far and threw up quite suddenly and violently. I am continuing to push through and drink it, but will it still work if I continue to vomit? Also I don't think I'll be able to finish my first 1l within 2 hours. I need advice please!!

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  • It is horrible stuff - I found one mouthful of moviprep followed by a mouthful of water (I had fizzy water) helped. If it is any consolation the moviprep was much worse than the colonoscopy (I didn't have sedation, had it done during my work day as I work in the hospital!)

    Just take it slowly and all the best xx

  • I'm just panicking a bit as I'm not finishing it within the allocated time. Scared that's going to affect the results. Thank you though xx

  • Yes it's horrible! I used ginger soda in between cups of it, and that seemed to help. Try to keep going. I took a bit longer than the instructions, but it seems to be effective eventually. The important thing is that what comes out is by the end clear......

  • I'm roughly 3/4 through my first litre and feel really full, I've been sick once already but haven't been to the bathroom yet!! When will that start ??

  • With me there was nothing for the first few hours, and certainly not after the first dose. After that I was camped in the bathroom.

    Sudocreme or Vaseline are good ideas. I also had a pack of baby wipes from grandchildren that came in handy!

  • It takes a little while to start ( a few hours for me). When I had it I was worried that it wasn't going to work but when it did, it really worked! It is horrible stuff to take but it was worth it as I got a diagnosis from the colonoscopy. And even though the diarrhoea was unpleasant, it was nowhere near as bad as what I had been suffering from previously. Just make sure that you've got so,etching nice and soft to wipe your bottom because it gets very sore, and maybe something like sudocreme. Good luck. Clemmie

  • Sometimes it does not work until you start the second dose. Tips on taking it are to take it slowly and to drink through a straw or to drink chilled from fridge. If you continue to be sick and do not have bowel action you should call the endoscopy department you are attending tomorrow and seek advice.

  • To be honest, I threw up a lot of the prep but I was still clear enough for the doctor to get a good look with the scope.

    Did anyone suggest putting it in the fridge? It tastes less gross when it's chilled.

  • Horrid stuff, I drank it down in one each time, then had a glass of soda water immediately, which took the taste away. It's definitely the worst part, the colonoscopy is piece of cake! It's worth persevering because I did and when I had it done they said I had an amazingly clean bowel and it was very easy to see everything.

  • That stuff is horrible. I drank mine by alternating with crystal light lemonade powder. That was the only way I could keep that nasty liquid down

  • I had the same problem. I went to the pharmacist and he recommended Laxido Orange. This is a water based drink and it works exactly the same way and is quite pleasant to take. It did the job. Also I shouldn't worry about it not working, because when they check you if there is too much 'matter' they will give you an enema.


  • Thanks guys. Didn't even manage to drink a full litre of the stuff, it made me too sick. I had diarrhoea previously to starting it so my body had emptied itself out and I was passing yellow liquid. They still performed the colonoscopy as they could suction out any remaining liquid. My report even said bowel prep was satisfactory. If I ever need another one I'll be asking for a non oral method. The actual colonoscopy was a piece of cake though, and hopefully I'll have a diagnosis soon!

  • That's good as would have been a shame to go through that and not have the colonoscopy. Hopefully nothing nasty will show up that will be it for many years.

  • Oh you have my sympathy! I didn't fare well at all on the awful stuff, I think the fact that I've suffered with IBS all my adult life probably didn't help. I was still trying to vomit on the day of the colonoscopy so the lovely hospital staff gave me an antiemetic with my sedation (I am that wimp that opted for help but, to be fair, the IBS made the pre-assessment pretty uncomfortable so I thought the real thing might be painful for me). The diarrhoea took nearly a month to fully calm down. I'm praying I never have to have another colonoscopy as I suspect I shall have to fast for a week to avoid taking the awful meds.

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