Finally a diagnoses

Hi everyone, this is my first post. So after 18 months of crippling pain & so many different tablets with not knowing exactly what was being treated, I came home to a letter saying my last blood test requested by my rheumatologist has seen a change from several negative rheumatoid arthritis bloods to a borderline positive. I have just taken my first dose of methotrexate tablets & I'm nervous to say the least. So many people I have spoken to have said they had terrible side affects so I'm just waiting to see what happens. Fingers crossed all will be ok. It's a lot to take on board at 33 years old but I'm getting there. It's nice to be part of a community that understands & shares there experiences.

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  • Hi - these are absolutely normal worries; we've all had/have them. This community are fab! Keep talking to us; we don't bite 😁

    Remember, we are all unique and as such we will react differently to each other with meds etc. The main thing is you're on the road to feeling some relief. Be patient though as it takes a while for things to start working. Also your body might feel a bit blah to the meds but hopefully this will settle too. It is important that you keep your gp/ rheumatologist informed if you have any reactions that don't seem right; they're not mind-readers 😊

    Positivity and normality day-to-day definitely helps us all though.

  • Thank you very much. It's nice to be able to talk to people who understand 😀.

  • Welcome Shelly2683 - only sorry that you need to find us. The folks in this forum are brilliant, always supportive no matter what. You're right, it is a lot to get your head around, esp at your age. I 'm exactly double your age, and was only diagnosed 4 years ago, altho I can look back now and see little pointers that didn't really mean much at the time, but were probably early indications of disease. I do hope methotrexate will work well for you, it certainly seems to for a lot of people. If you do get a lot of side effects, remember that it's also possible to have it by injection. It will all take time, so try to be patient, and don't be afraid to ask for help as and when you need it! Both at home, and from us. Take care for now.

  • Thank you for your lovely reply.

  • Hi Shelly--- and welcome. Hope you will get as much support as I did when I joined nearly 3 years ago. Ask any questions that you want answering--- however insignificant they may seem to you--- and someone will be along and give you an answer or offer support.

    Please don't Google too much--- you will scare yourself to bits. I did lol 😊

  • You will be fine on Mtx!

    . I'm sure a lot of the symptoms we read about here are caused by anxiety rather than the actual meds.

    I took it for 7 years and although I waited to feel terrible it didn't happen,& I had 7 really good years.

    So try to keep occupied, pop the pills & go see a'll hopefully get over being worried & settle down to a better controlled journey with your RA.

  • Hi Shelly and welcome to the gang. I suspect we have all felt how you are feeling and have been just as worried. I was scared silly about about the diagnosis and having to take methotrexate. Apart from feeling a bit icky and slightly slower the day after the first dose of MTX I've been absolutely fine. Just stay away from Dr Google cos that will really frighten you. If you need to rant, vent or simply ask about a worry, just come here. We know where you are coming from because we've been there too. Big hugs


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