Finally a diagnosis!

After over 2 years since I first went to see the rheumatologist I have been given a diagnosis of Psoriatic Arthritis. The rheumy commented that it wasn't really all that important to be diagnosed as I was already being treated with mtx. To her it wasn't all that important but to me I can at least now tell people what's wrong with me and I have a name for what has turned my life upside down. I sort of feel I now know what I'm dealing with, if you know what I mean.

Wishing you all a wonderful day whatever you may be doing. Xx

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  • Congratulations! Welcome to the PSA club! ( Wish I wasn't in it, but hey ho!) X

  • Thanks LizzieR

  • Yep, I know what you mean. Just saying, 'I have a form of inflammatory arthritis' doesn't really cut it - talking to folk or filling out forms. I'm psoriatic as well but I've realised there's sooo much crossover with symptoms it's just one big 'happy' arthritis family :-)

  • Sorry, didn't finish that before I posted it. I was diagnosed before with inflammatory arthritis. It is hard to diagnose, as you say there's a lot of crossover with the symptoms. It must makes it easier to cope with somehow. 😕

  • Hi Gwynedd. That must be such a weight off your mind. We know it makes little difference in practical terms but at least we have a label and it maybe helps us cope with it all. Wishing you all the best. Hugs


  • Thank you Gnarli

  • Fantastic you got a diagnosis. I am still waiting to get one after 1,5 years. My biggest fear of not having one is that I don't get any treatment to stop potential damage to the joints

  • I'm sorry to hear that, my rheumatologist decided to treat me immediately when I presented with the symptoms, I have never really shown any inflammation in my blood tests, I finally had an ultrasound scan which confirmed inflammation about a year ago. Have you seen a rheumatologist?

  • Yes first rheumy didn't believe prednisolone helped so he said no inflammation (blood test are negative). Sendt to new one for a second opinion. He read the journal and started the visit by saying "I can't do anything to help you".

    Then got diagnosed with psoriasis so sent to new rheumy who said journal says prednisolone doesn't help and no sausage digits so no PsA.

    GP gave up on me. I didn't agree so decided to try out prednisolone again on my own. After three days on 15 mg I could go without any painkillers and less stiffness. Told GP who referred me to 4th rheumy. Awaiting appointment later this month. Sorry for the long rant

  • Hi, it sounds to me like PsA should be investigated further. I have never had sausage fingers, only mild swelling, joint pain and stiffness, I hope you get an answer soon. I feel for you, not knowing or being listened to is very difficult. Good luck. X

  • Thanks a lot. I am also suspecting PsA. Am so glad I found this site, even though I am from Denmark.

    So much support, sharing experiences and good advise. Really makes a world of difference

  • I think perhaps they would have a very different opinion if the boot was on the other foot. She only mentioned my diagnosis in passing, I had to ask her if she was Actually giving me a diagnosis, otherwise it would have been an aside comment! But at least i have a name now, I hope all you out there who are in the same position get an answer soon.

  • I had my first Humira injection Monday. The nurse that came out said that my consultant has said I have PSA. I am surprised as he put Inflammatory arthritis on the letter to my GP. I respond to steroids but only at above 20mg. The only rash I have is a tiny spot on my shoulder although I do have an itchy scalp a lot. Would those be enough symptoms to diagnose PSA?

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