Recently diagnosed and just starting treatment

Hi, this is my first post, I've just been diagnosed with RA after many trips to the docs and begging to be referred somewhere. Starting tablets so hopefully I can get back to some kind of normality. I've two little ones and it's so hard not being able to run about and play with them or being too tired. Hope things get better x

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  • Hi Hun, welcome to the site. There are lots of friendly, welcoming people on here, who can give you support when you need it. Its a bit daunting at first, but hopefully it will get easier for you. It must be hard for you with little ones to cope with too. My girls are all grown up now, but had Ra about 10 years or so before finally getting diagnosed last January, a year now. You take care, look after yourself, Rie x

  • Hi there, welcome to the site. The people on this site are a fantastic bunch and I am sure you will receive lots of support here. Running after little ones with this disease must be very difficult for you. Hopefully with the drugs available now for treating RA,you will have success. Good luck and stay positive. Huggs to you.

  • Hi and glad you have posted. So glad you have started your treatment. There's a great section on the NRAS website about being recently diagnosed that helped me . Also the NRAS helpline is so helpful . A xx

  • Hello, welcome. There are loads of good. People on here who will help you through your early days...I've had it for eight years now but only joined last has been a great help to me...just keep posting and people will be here for you. Maryx

  • Hi there a good bunch of people with lots of understanding support and advice to help you along the way...Let me know how you get on must be very difficult with little ones..wishing you well...big hugs Nicola :-)

  • Hello Monnie, welcome and hope your treatment goes well. Fran x

  • Hello and welcome Monnie. Like all the others have said you have found a welcoming site and we will all do our best to support you. You don't say how old your children are and do you have support from a partner eg; husband, I have had RA for 11yrs now and i still find it hard so i know how hard you are finding it. Please give us more info on your family set up so we can best advise you. Here's to a long relationship with us all.xxxxx

  • Hi guys thanks for the all the kind replies. I'm 32 and I have a lovely hubby who tries his best to help. I've two little boys one who's nearly 3 and the other who's just turned 1.

    Just had the worst nights sleep..the little one was up on and off most of the night coughing and when I finally got to sleep my shoulders were hurting every time I moved. I've woken up with really painful feet and hands randomly shoulders aren't as bad. Feel moapy today think might be lack of decent sleep.


  • Hi Monnie, sorry to hear your story. I have recently been sent to a physio by GP. Certainly has helped. Try contacting GP and asking for physio. Good luck!

  • Hi yes the rheumatologist said I'm going to be referred to a physio glad it's helping you will look forward to getting my appointment through x

  • Good luck, hope you get a good one! Anne

  • just to welcome you too. I' ve recently joined and find going through the post's is helpfull as well as being a comfort.Agree it must be be hard for you with two little one's i have a 3 year old grandson and find i cannot do as much with him as i'd like due to the R/A and the fatigue! also get impatient with almost everything nowaday's due to having to put up with this stupid disease! take care and welcome.x

  • Aww really for you , I haven't got small children so when I've been awake in pain all night I can have a sleep later on in the day , hope things start to improve for you I've found since my diagnosis I've found this site and NRAS so helpful we're all in the same situations and someone can always point you in the right direction . regards and welcome to the site Teresa x

  • Hi Monnie, I was diagnosed about three months ago, I have a three-year-old son can understand how hard it is not being able to do everything you want/need to with the little ones! I am slowly adjusting and the drugs are helping a bit but it is v. frustrating. Really hope you can find the treatment that works for you! I've only just joined the forum too but have found it really welcoming and helpful.

    Jules x

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