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This MUCH fatigue on Cimzia?

My Dr decided I didn't need a starter dose, So I took only 1 injection of Cimzia, at the beginning. Since I had been on Ebrel weekly, Took 2nd dose a week later. (Oops)

That First week I Slept 16-20 hours of the day! Once I had 2nd dose, things were better. i was able to do things I had dismissed as 'Not happening after 16 years of RA, Fibro, yada, yada. Just took 2nd dose, of twice a week dose, Like I was supposed to, Yesterday. Finally HAD TO drag myself out of bed at 10am! Currently, On sulfasalazine, leflunomide also. Special lab, b4 I quit Enbrel for Cimzia said still 40% active. As a Type 1 diabetic, kind of a Der...

***Does Cimzia usually cause SO MUCH fatigue?* Mind you, I NEED a serious Nap the day AFTER a long day in the Big city, Monthly shopping, etc. THIS, However, is another ball field altogether....

; / DR said if Cimzia didn't work, I could go back to Enbrel, But BOY, to be able to DO what I wasn't able to on Enbrel...

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I have cimzia (plus mtx and sulfasalazine.) I would say: you lead a busy life by the sounds of it so I'm not surprised you're tired! I work 5 days a week and to be honest I am tired most of the time. On the positive side: my esr and crp are coming down ☺

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The lab result showed the Arthritis DISEASE was still 40% active, more than my DR wanted. Studies has said T1 J. diabetics have crazy immune systems that KILLS Insulin the body produces. Thus RA is almost expected.

I am active in some ways, however I no longer work. I have nosy neighbors who think I'm a logger, who knows what else..lol.

Mark Twain's quote fits nicely;

'Rumor is halfway around the world before truth has it's Boots on'

Why my slow step, swollen hands don't get past the eyeballs, into their brains, I can only Imagine.


....what's a logger?🤔

I love a good quote and that was a good one☺ Your neighbours must have so little else to worry about; how boring for them😁


Logger-person who cuts down trees, cuts off branches or such for firewood, commercial use.

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So THAT'S where Terry Pratchet got the quote from!

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Good to hear you're able to do so much more. Let's hope your improvement continues and the fatigue diminishes. As to your neighbour let's just say they must have faaaar to much time on their hands. Hugs


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I live alone in the country so I DO have to come up with creative ways to get things done. Yeah, there is a lot of Insecure people in the world. They've BEEN told what Can Help & Where to put 'Their way or No way' mentality.

My OWN sky high expectations have cost me many a day of pain.

it's been since starting the Cimzia that one particular thing has turned 180 degrees. I Think, Like others have said, my previous med wavered, the Immune system found a way around it. I'm better today. If the weather holds, I can get things done. ; )


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