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ra sufferer

hi everyone its been awhile hope everyone is well I would like some advice I have spoken about a drug called low dose naltrexone which I have done a lot of research on which I feel would be very beneficial to me I asked one of my specialist that I see were they aware of it they have used it but believe it is not very beneficial I think otherwise with the research that I have done I want to try it I know it would do know harm there is a possibility getting it prescribed by another doctor but should I go against my specialist but before you give me advice do your research thank you

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LDN is certainly worth a try, it has helped many. I have been taking it for 1,5 years together with AIP diet and supplements and have not needed any RA meds as of yet. There are many doctors in the UK who prescribe it to their patients but the easiest way to get it is to call clinic 158 Dr. McCall, they work with a compounding pharmacy and you get your LDN sent to you. I live in France and it has been working perfectly.

All doctors do not have enough information about LDN. At website you can print out informstion that is intended for doctors. This often helps them to get on board. The med does not interfere with RA meds and has no adverse effects, not toxic in any way.

Good luck and do ask if you need more help😊


Thank you so much simba really appreciate it


I have asked rheumatology about it and they appear to not have heard of it. I was very lucky to talk to a GP at length about it and the view was that the use of the drug is new and therefore they do not know how well you might be in 5 yrs on LDN however they have experience of long term use of other drugs, such as MTX. This is in terms of joint deterioration.

I am very interested too but have not been able to establish if it can be used at the same time as other traditional treatments and if not would be fearful of stopping drugs which take several weeks to start working, in order to try it.

Please post your progress.



Please look at the link above😊 you'll get all the answers you need.


Hi annibe ldn is not new it has been around since 1980 in high doses to people with drug and alcohol addiction it was found in low doses very successful. for people with automune doses and some cancers and. no side effects except for vivid dreams in some people which is only temporary it is cheap you need to research and read honest medicine and the ldn books and take it from there

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