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One more thing today...

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Does anyone have an iPad? And is it easier to use than a phone. My thumbs and fingers have been getting extra stiff lately and making it hard to use my phone and I was wondering if using an iPad was easier than a phone. It would help greatly if I could get some opinions on this because I’ve been wanting an iPad for like ever as well and if it’ll help me work more efficiently I might actually convince my parents it’d be a good thing to get me. Especially because I cant really write with my hands anymore and I love to write stories and poems.

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Hi Ccrowlu,

If you decide to get a iPad or tablet you possibly need to get a cover where you don't need to hold it has your wrists/hands may hurt.

I know I should use mine more, guess it's the aggravation of getting it out making sure it's charged. However I do find it's quiet large to hold a long period of time which is why it's best to get a cover where you can prop it up. Yes keys are bigger I'm sure you will find helpful. Myself I find Iphone easier as it's always close by.

Pamela x

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Ccrowlu in reply to Pamelah5

My phone I always have with me but it’s tiny so my hands if not already aggregated get aggravated or worse. I can’t play the games I like to play anymore and my mom asked why I wasn’t playing one cause it was one through Facebook and I told her it hurts too much. My dad said no to a refurbished iPad because we are trying to get a new camper but the camper isn’t gonna be affected by one hundred or so dollars

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Pamelah5 in reply to Ccrowlu

For games a iPad would be better much easier to use. Plus you would save on battery life of phone.

I feel it would be worth investing, even if it is a tablet which is a cheaper version of a iPad. They are equally has good.

Pamela x

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Ccrowlu in reply to Pamelah5

I had a kindle once but I absolutely hated it. They really aren’t as functional as iPads. Especially when on the internet. Plus some tablet don’t require data and we live on data

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Pamelah5 in reply to Ccrowlu

I am not sure how a kindle works. I know you can get reconditioned or refurbish iPad which would work out at a more reasonable cost.

Good luck with that.

Pamela x

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Hidden in reply to Ccrowlu

They are heavy and tend to hurt my wrists and finger if I try to hold it for very long. There are cases that have straps to put your hand through, so it can lay flat across the back. This helps a lot but it makes it heavier. The iPad mini was a great product, but they can not update to the latest iOS. They will, at this time, still let you get to everything, but technology is moving along. Have you looked into the Kindle Fire. There is plenty to occupy you on the Android OS and they are smaller and easier to handle. Sometimes they are on sale for $40-$50.

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Ccrowlu in reply to Hidden

I’ve had a kindle fire before and hated it.

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Hidden in reply to Ccrowlu

LOL-Well that is not going to work for you at all then. I have to admit, my iPad goes everywhere I go!

Of get a special little cushion for it.

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Persi in reply to Pamelah5

I have had an IPad for the past three years I would be devastated if I no longer had one. I also have an iPhone but the Ipad is so much more versatile. It is easier to hold, the screen is easier to see, there are so many functions that are disabled friendly such as adjusting background lighting, font size, saving favourites, listening to music facilities, etc. I know the phones have similar facilities but for me they are no way as convenient (when having bad days) than the iPad.

Apple customer service is second to none in my opinion. Any problems they will phone you back at specified time.

I also have a kindle but it is no way as versatile as the wonderful IPad.

I am a grandmother (don’t know if this will influence your parents) so am not young and anxious to have all technical things.

It is the best investment I have made in many years.

I prop my iPad on a small cushion on my knee. I find it very easy to use.


I have found an actual Keyboard helps me a flexible one so I can put it in the right position for me. I used one with a tablet and also my laptop. When I used a tablet I find a case that stands it up and also has a keyboard attached is best.

Hi! For stories/poems---have you tried the Dragon speech to text program? My husband has been Trying to get me to use as most of the doctors at the hospital use this program for doing dictation now(there went my job! Oh, well...).

Hope the suggestion helps!


I used to have the full size iPad but now I have the mini, its much lighter. The only trouble is you’re tempted to hold it all the time which has really mangled my left thumb. It hurts and is now bent, and I don’t think it’ll ever be the same again. You def need a stand so this doesn’t happen! But they’re great. I couldn’t live without it... how sad.

Oh defo get an iPad, so much easier to use i would be lost without mine. I'd also get a good cover so you don't need to hold it as your wrists wud get sore. I'd have to run to shops to get a new one if mine broke down. My hubby got me a tablet for Xmas one year, I hated it, I thot it was a mini iPad which wud have been great for my bag, so what a disappointment when I opened it. Unfortunately I accidentally dropped it 🙄, it smashed and ended up in the bin lol

Go for it!

Lizzy (the iPad addict)

Hi again

I should have mentioned how easy it is to use the IPad. I am typing this with one finger. It requires minimum effort. I am supporting the IPad with my other hand. I usually have it rested on a cushion.

I was given an iPad a few years ago, in til then I had a laptop. It's the best present I have ever been given! I do have a cover, I usually sit with it on my knee and it is so much easier to use as you don't have to press keys. I have had several operations on my hands and wrists but they are still sore, so yes, it's a good investment. Hope you find what you are looking for.

I do all my work and play one fingered on my ipad mini, used to have a full size one but find the mini easier as is lighter! Wouldn't be without it !

As the "keys" on tablet or iPad are larger this means you don't need such fine motor control and there should be less tension in your hands. A cushion or bean bag like that suggested by Scottiedottie would be a good idea as any tablet is lot heavier than a phone.

If you have an IPhone I would suggest buying an iPad, if you have an Android phone there is a large choice of Android tablets from about £50 up. The Kindle Fires (not to be confused with the Kindle e-readers) offer good value as Amazon subsidise them, there are some restrictions in the apps you can load on to them but this should not affect most users.

IPAD's are Fantastic.

Couldn't live without mine.

Hope you manage to convince your parents.


I wouldn't like to be without my I pad. I have a laptop but I hardly ever use it. I find the iPad so much easier to use, I place it on a cushion on my lap, sending texts are much easier on my hands and I play games whilst watching tv, all from the comfort of my armchair or sofa. I hope your parents ( after reading these posts ) will allow you to get an I pad. X

Yes I have an iPad & yes it is much easier to use that my iPhone for the (sometimes lengthy!) replies I write. If you can ask if your mum & dad will buy you one that would be so much easier for you as you like writing. You can draw on it too with Procreate , bonus, here are some examples I use it far more than my IPhone, in fact never use my iPhone for replies here, only making calls & texting.

I have a magnetic cover which stops any accidental scratching & converts into a stand if my wrists aren't playing. Sometimes I use it on my cushion tray on my lap if I'm lying in the recliner. Using it in landscape mode is even easier as the keyboard is bigger. I previously had an Asus Memopad which was ok but the iPad is far better in my opinion. I've not used it very often but there's also the option of using your voice to type (can't just recall what it's called) if your hands are particularly bad at times. There are lots of short cut options too.

Have a look on eBay, if you can find an unused/new/unopened one that's not the latest release you'll find they come down in price considerably if fu dis are ,imputed, a good bargaining tool to persuade your mum & dad too!

I agree with all the above comments! Would also go for a mini iPad and do get a beanbag cushion for it - Amazon do loads. These are a godsend for stiff wrists, hands and finger joints and can also be used to prop up a book - or even a nice soft rest for sore wrists.

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If you do succumb to the delights of an iPad or tablet, get the one with the largest memory possible. There is a mini iPad, larger than a phone, but not too big. I use a cover (as suggested) to prop it up. I've also seen a small bean bag to rest it on. It might be a good idea to get a case that automatically locks the iPad when closing, then unlocks it again when opening. Saves the battery. XXX

I agree - mini I pad with a beanbag is amazing. Light to carry and the screen is almost as big as the full size one. You can also dictate by pressing the microphone at the bottom of the keyboard. I have the. dragon speech to text on my laptop but use the I pad microphone to dictate emails etc.

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Ccrowlu in reply to Creakywrists

I personally feel like a mini iPad, although lighter than a normal iPad, would still be too small. We used them in school while I was still in it and my hands still flared up when using it.

Love it! I can’t imagine typing on anything else; I have iPad and kindle. I only use kindle for reading everything else on iPad. I have a cover that has has a circle which makes it easy to hold but I usually just hold in lap so it’s not heavy over time.

Hi I use a Stylus pen on my phone, laptop etc. It makes a huge difference when fingers wrists are sore. Hope it miight help you. 😃

I just wanted to agree with the person who said that they use voice dictation. I haven't tried Dragon lately, but the dictation that comes built-in on the pad/phone works just as well or better in my experience compared to earlier versions of Dragon. Getting the microphone as close as possible to my mouth seems to help-but there still are errors that must be corrected. I find the dictation on the MacBook to be worse.

All that being said-I have an iPhone 6, a full-size iPad Air and a MacBook Air, and the iPad is by far my favorite of the three devices for ease-of-use.

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Ccrowlu in reply to viajera

I only have the iPhone se. which is an updated version of iPhone 5 so it’s tiny.

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viajera in reply to Ccrowlu

Like someone else said-perhaps you could get a refurbished iPad or get one secondhand? That way it wouldn't cost as much as a new one.

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Ccrowlu in reply to viajera

I’ve tried to ask my dad but he said no because we are trying to pay off the camper so we can get a new one. Although I found many iPads for under a hundred dollars so I don’t personally see the issue.

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