More Murphy's Law for me

Well I have been a bit quiet lately as I have been so tired. I found out on top of whatever I have I also have wolff parkinson white syndrome heart condition. Well I geared up went in for the cardiac ablation last Thursday and they had to stop it as my heart went in to atrial fibrillation and he couldn't do any more burning of the extra pathways. He comes in the next morning and I say, see I told you things don't go according to plan with me. He says yes I believe you now. So I have to go back and do it all again, he is getting a 'team' together to work on me in 3D imaging and keeps telling me how complex and difficult my problem is. Gee how would I ever have guessed. aghhhh I want simple straight forward problems I am sick of being 'special'......

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  • Good morning, too many big words for this time of the day lol, its good to know you have pulled through it all, I hope your health settles down and you can keep smiling.


  • yes early there dinner time here! yes I am hoping the next time it can be fixed but as he said it is complex and difficult so it may take more than one more time. Worse thing is I know what will happen now and it isn't pleasant! hahahah

  • I have af and had a chemical test to put me into it , and it is really the weirdest feeling in the world!! I hope next time they get you sorted And it helps you, expect your very tired . Thinking of you x

  • Thanks Allanah the cardio isn't sure if I have that too or the drugs bought it on but it was hard to convert me back apparently it is a terrible feeling laying there with electrodes in your heart feeling like it will hammer right out of your chest! So not looking forward to that again and next time longer than 3 hours as it will be so involved. What was really bad was at about 12 pm an hour after the op, I was in so much pain as I had had no pain relief since the night before and I was crying saying please can I just have some panadol osteo they are in my drawer. So I have teed up next time they will give me some tramadol iv so it won't be as bad. and yes I am soo tired I could fall over but I had to go back to work today.

  • That's exactly what it fees like and my chest bone hurt for days after! So sorry You are having to go to work, I was exhausted after just the chemical test, good luck on the next one x

  • Thanks Allanah. I have costochronditits or however you spell it, so my chest always hurts hahahaI will survive I reckon the next one will be harder as I will be in there longer. I may take a few extra days off work after that one.

  • Goodness me I have never heard of that wolf parkinson white syndrome heart condition. You certainly are special but as you say now what you really want. Keep us posted and take care.

  • Thanks Sharon56 it was a surprise for me too. Oh well just one more surprise in the long line of weirdo things that happen to me!

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