This country is killing me

Woke up crying again this morning. I am in so much pain as I can't afford medication and I have to get ready for work soon, this is my only income a part time wage. I don't know why I'm struggling as the DWP have deemed me fit n healthy so they stopped all my money, I have had to beg work for more hours (I am struggling to do the ones I have now). Don't know how long I can keep going like this, I'm sure this government is trying to kill me off, well at least they can save on my pension money eh

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  • Have you considered ringing the NRAS helpline: 0800 298 7650? Hope they can help!

  • Thank u for your reply I will give them a ring. Xx

  • Oh dear Sharlynn I really feel for you ...first thing I reached for this morning was my painkillers as my hands/ wrists are playing up a storm.

    Have you been to the Citizen's Advice Bureau? I'm sure there must be some Benefits you can claim. As I've said before I see seemingly healthy girls here given all sorts of Benefits, whereas older people seem to miss out. As we all know the assessment process is completely flawed & is not fit for purpose.Unfortunately it seems you have to really push to get any help these days.

    Maybe if you got some advice at the CAB as to how you should go about it there might be a light at the end of the tunnel?

    Have you thought about getting the prescription season ticket for some painkillers or other meds? In the meantime supermarkets have paracetamol & ibuprofen for about 25p....which might take the edge off your pain?

    If you get the 3 month prescription certificate you can cram in 4 months supply of meds if you space them out. I think I remember you can get a free prescription as soon as you apply for it (at the pharmacy) before you have actually paid for it. I'm sure the pharmacy assistant will explain it.

    I know when you are in pain everything seems very bleak, so I do hope you can manage to get some help very soon.

    Take care...AC

  • Thank u for your reply, welfare rights are helping but my money was stopped beginning of August after I pay my mortgage I have £100 left for the month then I pay council tax, I have Sero positive RA and Cervical Dystonia and the pain is unbearable now so god knows what it will be like when I have to work more hours. The tribunal could take months. I truly believe this country wants us to die to save money. X

  • I have just looked on the back of my prescription & there is a phone number to enquire about pre-payment certificates.

    It's 0300 330 1341 or you can look on line

    Maybe if you give them a call or look on line you can sort something out.


  • Thank you so much for that, i will take a look at website. Xx

  • have you thought of getting a year perscription, you pay £10.50 per month, I find this is the easiest way to pay for my meds. You will then get a card that you show when you collect your medication. otherwise it works out very exspensive.

    Take care


  • I'm sorry to hear of your pain...Contact your local MP to make them aware of your current situation especially re: having your benefits stopped...The more we make them aware of the practices of DWP and their unfair assessments processes, which removes benefits from those who are genuinely entitled to this money, they will have to do something to change things. Take care out yourself.

  • Thank you for your reply, I have been to see my MP and he said MP are being told not to get involved therefore cannot help he said just go to tribunal. Spoke to my GP and he said they've been told not to get involved, It's cruel what they are doing. I was coping fine before now I'm in a mess and now I have to have counselling for depression. X

  • Hi Sharlynn,

    I'm so sorry to hear how you are in so much pain and feeling so let down by the so called professionals. I to was recently refused PIP, I've asked for the mandatory reconsideration and been told that in my area Leicestershire it's taking up to 4 months thats without the tribunal wait which is even longer!

    I have had RA for 15 years but only applied early this year after being diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis caused by the RA and connective tissue disease. But I am lucky as my husband work's and I cannot believe that this government expects people to be able to live eat and pay their bill's when their benefits are cut due to medically untrained assessors. I am really sad about what is happening but also so angry. There must be something someone can do. Surely this should be classed as discrimination against people with disabilities and illnesses.

    Take care Sharlynn and sorry for the rant but something has to be done.

    Will be thinking of you.Linda x

  • Thank you so much for your support. The lack of income is obviously very depressing but also what's hard is they are calling you a liar, it's made me doubt the seriousness of my conditions, I started to think is it me that's being soft then I start to wonder maybe I don't need consultants, medication etc. I was upset this week as my GP advised me not to work more hours but then has refused to support me saying the practice has been advised not to get involved, I thought Dr's oath was to do no harm but he agrees what they are doing is wrong but will do nothing. This has really upset me I feel like I'm in this battle alone. X

  • You are definitely not alone. After reading my assessor report ,I thought she would have twisted things but some of the thing's said were blatant lies also Sharlynn.

    Please let me know how you are getting on and if you want to PM me for a chat please do.

    Take care Linda x

  • Thank u I also wish u luck and good health. I will keep u posted. I received a letter from my neurologist supporting me I cried as this one professional is trying so hard to help me. Xx

  • Hi Sharlynn this is a terrible way to be treated my heart goes out to you.Maybe i am stating the obvious but have you filled in a HC1 form.I used to work in a pharmacy and we would help people fill them in they were kept in the shop.It is no wonder you are depresses i cant believe your doctor or mp will not get involved i really hope you get help soon.x

  • Thank u for your support I'm going to fill the form in today I didn't know about it. I really need these meds to keep me going. Xx

  • sharlynn ...people on low incomes can apply for free prescriptions, I believe if you ask in your local pharmacy they'll have the application form. No one in this country should be denied medication on the grounds of no or low income. I wish you luck ..xx

  • Thank u everyone for your support. I will have a look at the prescription website. Xx

  • Hi Sharlynn,

    I might be stating the obvious but you mention that your working, have you applied for working tax credits? If your on a low income your entitled to have this to supplement your income. Its awful how people are struggling when so many have so much on our society!

    I hope you get some help soon x

  • It's a vicious circle isn't it? It's hard work fighting for what is rightfully due to you, but being broke & in pain & struggling to even get to work in the first place saps the energy & motivation required for the fight. If this is how you feel then I'd urge you to find just that little bit more to keep fighting .... you've had such great replies so there's support here and as AgedCrone suggests, CAB will also be an excellent source of advice and support too. They are particularly good at support with form-filling.

  • There are a number of ways to get free prescriptions - in your case if you are very low income, then getting an HC1 or HC2 form is probably going to be the best way. Its an exemption from health care charges and depending on your income and circumstances can include dental and optician as well.

  • Poor Sharlynn,

    I am from Malaysia hence I am in no position to comment on the system over there. However, RA is a chronic and painful disease that need immediate treatment to avoid any joint damaged.

    I am really really sorry to know your situation down there. Please be strong and try whatever suggested here, who know you may find some helps along the way. You are certainly not a liar, we all know this very well.

  • Bless you my heart goes out to you, when you fall through the tick boxes it can be terrible, fortunately after a huge fight that i nearly gave up i got the medical and financial help i needed. I hope you get the right help soon.

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