Job interview wish me luck

Hi all

Well I have a job interview at 10 this morning for a promotion. I am sooo nervous. problem is i think the stress of it has made me have a couple of flares over the last few days with both wrists and fingers really sore and stiff. There are feeling better today though but my butterflies in my stomach are going like the clappers.. Anyway if any of you can, keep you fingers and toes crossed for me...


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  • Debs you'll be fine when you get there,you'll fly through it and come with flying colours. Just think that your a great lady and you can do this job and you'll be fine. Best of luck and let us know how you get on. xxx

  • Good luck, will keep everything crossed for you.


  • Will do thanks Sylvi I knew you would say something positive. Hope you are feeling better with your knee, you will soon be running the marathon.

  • Good luck Debbie, I really really really hope you get it :-)

    Paula x

  • No doubt you'll be just about ready to go in for the interview when you read this, I hope it went well..... I hope you get it.:-)

  • Hope the interview went well Debbie

  • All too often blogs on here are about how RA (or similar) has prevented us from doing things (understandable given the nature of the disease) so its blooming brilliant to see someone who inspite of things isnt just standing still (so to speak) but trying to move forwards/upwards. The very best of luck with the promotion, I am among the fortunate few who can still cross my fingers and they are for you xx All the best, Linda

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