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Hi i.m not good with any tablets they effect my stomach pain feel sick constipation .i.m on embrel and slz .does anyone know anything about any patches .i know there are a few . And different strengths .but doctor keeps saying .leave it for a while. And seems notvto want to prescribe them .??. Is anyonevon them and if so what are they and what are the + and - of doing so . Thanks lovlies xx

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  • Hi,

    I use a Buprenorphium patch because regular pain killers leave me with bowel blockages, sickness and pain. I initially thought the patches weren't working, so took it off- I quickly realised they were taking a lot of the pain! So, although they don't take all the pain away, they do help.

    I asked to be referred to a pain clinic and my rheumy nurse said she could sort it and offered these. The nurse/consultant I see are brilliant though. I would go into detail about the constipation, the pain etc- if it keeps you up at night say so etc. If you need to 'digitally excavate' say so. If they still don't listen, ask for a second opinion- it's your right. Maybe ring and ask for an appointment to be brought forward so they know how serious it is.

    I have a long standing bowel problem so may be that's why I got them.

    Keep insisting! Good luck!

    Lizzie x

  • Thank you so much .i will ask again .xx

  • I've had pain patches but only because tramadol made me so sick. They don't like to prescribe them because they are a controlled substance and much stronger than co codamol. The chemist has to keep them in a locked cabinet. The problem with GPs is that they aren't specialists, Lay it on really thick about how much pain you are in, if you have to cry!

  • Thanks don.t think i.ll have much trouble crying .thank you for the reply xx

  • Hi ,

    I use Butec patches from my GP ,

    they are classed as a controlled drug

    They also cost more so GP's try not to prescribe them until all other drugs have been tried. I know for myself they tried codeine or tramadol then oramorph liquid then went up to butec 5mg patch to start which takes 3 to 5 days to start getting into the system then they will up the patch if needed .... in meantime you continue on your usual pain relief.

    I will say to you though I have tried 3 different types of patches and i still find I need to take cyclizine and ondansetron too as antisickness as I felt very nauseous with the patches as I do suffer with nausea with any opiods as Ive lost over 5stone due to lupus / sjogrens attacking my stomach . so I gave up with them in the end now I try to just take my codeine paracetamol and

    Gabapentin ( nerve pain killer, works on the part of the brain that controls the nerves and stops the nerve pain) which was prescribed by stomach consultant as its not an opiod and doesnt cause nausea either. Just use Oramorph liquid when in extreme pain.

    my GP says they try butec or the cheaper patches first if poss as they are so expensive and then will try a different more expensive one if it doesnt work. So I would go back and see a different doctor and say im suffering and need to see pain team and until then i would like to try the patches. Good luck x

  • Oh thank you so much for all the info .i.ll make another app at least i know what i.m talking about now.xx

  • I have been using pain patches in place of any oral medication for years, and it really works for me. It is the rare occasion that I need any oral pain medication if I stay ahead of the pain with keeping the patches rotated.

    I do find however that the generic patches are not as effective nownthat they are off patent. It is not the drug but the glue that is holding them on as well as the patch material itself. The patch is lucky to stay on for 8 hours instead of the 12 prescribed and if it gets close is for sure rolled and peeling all around so for sure you never get full coverage.

    So if possible get the oribrand, that's my best advice and follow the 12 on 12 off rule so you don't develop an adhesive sensitivity.

  • Thank you .i will.didn.t know how much there was to just asking for a patch .thank you xx

  • Thank you the doc is reluctant to give them as he says you end up relying on them thank you for yoyr reply

  • Dotty55

    I'm on pain patches fentanyl durageasic patches they are also a opioid stronger than morphine I take gabapentin amatryptolene paraceatomol the fentanyl have to be sent for before I pick up the prescription they don't keep them in sat the chemist when I collect them they are brought up from the cellar they are also addictive my body knows when the need changing I have to put fresh on every 72 hours I've been on them nearly two yrs


  • Maybe thats why the doc was reluctant to give them .do they help are you addicted to them

  • Hi Keeta I think I maybe after all this time as I am on 62mcrg I know I am not supposed to stop using them or drink alcohol they did try to change them for generic patches that made me feel unwell to save money


  • Poor love .as long as they do the trick .thanx so much for all the info .take care .kathy xx

  • I am on butrans morphine patches. I started on 5 micrograms per hour and went up to 20mcg! I change the patch weekly..I'm not sure how much pain it actually takes away because I'm also taking gabapentin with paracetamol and Oxycodone to use as a breakthrough..I can take it when the pain comes back between using gabapentin. The Oxycodone is a very dangerous drug and, like the patches, is kept under lock and key in the chemist..if they even stock it! Out of all the painkillers, only the Oxycodone actually takes away the pain! I would ask for the patches to start might feel nauseous with them but your GP will probably prescribe cyclizine or stemetil to stop the sickness..Good luck! You will feel better!! :-)

  • Haven.t heard of half of these patches .thank you so much .for your reply.are they more dangerous than others .and why or just stronger. Sorry just tryin to get my head around them all .kathy xx

  • I'm another who's prescribed buprenorphine patches, currently Butec but previously Butrans transdermal patches. My Rheumy requested my GP took care of my OA prescribing & it was what she recommended as general pain relief (after tramadol which she knows I won't take) with a view to tailoring specific neuropathic pain relief, anti inflammatory etc as needed. It's a controlled drug & for chronic pain only. You'd need to start on a low dose & have regular reviews with your prescriber to titre up the dose. I started on 5mcg/hr (micrograms per hour), them 10 then 15 & I've been in 20mcg/hr for about 3 years now. They're intended to be changed every 7 days but I change as needed as suggested by my GP, she knows I'm aware of my needs & fully understand about the med.

    If you have access to automated prescribing you'll probably find like I do that my allocated chemists has to collect the prescription in person from your GP Practice so you've to factor in an extra day's delay once ordered. Once the scripts been filled it's kept in the chemist's safe until I collect it.

    When I was first prescribed BuTrans I asked about it here, this is the link if you'd like to read the replies from others who were prescribed it or had knowledge of it

    I hope my experience is helpful keeta & if you can convince your GP to prescribe them you find they work as well for you as they do for me.

  • Thank you so much .yes it has helped .its better when someone else tells you about their experiences .thank you again xx

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