Just got the brown envelope!!! They gave me. Standard rate for both. My daughter read the report and laughed when she had put my grip was good as I drove a car as some days I can't open a packet of crisps lol. Any way they have given me something and I'm glad I have my own car and feel sorry for the people who have a car with motorability as it would have to go back

If you are still waiting good luck and thanks for your support xx

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  • Hi there... I'm going through the process of changing from DLA to PIP. THANKFULLY, I have the help from my occupational health department in work to write a supporting document for me to send with the form and I am going to ask my GP. It's good to hear that you have had a positive outcome even if some of the detail was incorrect. I'm the same - love crisps, but the bags are a real challenge to open! 😊

  • They never contacted my GP or my RA clinic but I did send all my reports and photos of swollen hands knees and fingers like red bananas. So maybe they didn't​ need more :-)

  • Glad you got something but it's so annoying in this day and age that we have to justify our disability to these people when the Torys are wasting millions on other things, do they not realise we would rather be fit and healthy instead off having a disability

  • I did say that to one lady who said you'll have to jump through hoops to get PIP people don't know what we have go through but that's life:-)x

  • I am Fortunately too my DLA won't change I am in my 86 year I've had RA for a Long There are many people that think because they have a sore back or a wonky knee they are entitled to money from the government This is why genuine people that is entitled to mobility payments for making life easier for them are finding it harder to get this help. Your GP know what you can do and can't Her letter should let the DVLA know that you have difficulty in carrying out certain tasks if you have a refusal appeal against the discission I hope you are successful

  • Well done . Like you I got care but not mobility. I can hardly stand some days. But hey pleased I got something and it is more than I previously had. My DLA was £22 Pw and now £55. So I am in profit of another £100 pm so can't complain .

    My blue badge is due and I am sending off for its renewal tomorrow. So fingers crossed.

    Well done to you

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