PIP Reconsideration success (mobility)

HI there, just thought i'd share my good news

I was initially given lower rate care and zero points for mobility. I sent them a (strongly worded) letter advising that I thought they had made a mistake, pointing out that RA doesn't only affect my upper limbs (which they alluded too in their decision making) but my lower limbs as well. I have now received the lower rate mobility which I am delighted with. I knew I wasn't "entitled" to the higher rate, quite happy to accept that, but did feel they couldn't completely rule out my difficulties with walking and moving about due to RA yet accept I struggled with my hands etc.

For now the stress has been removed worrying about the DWP, ATOS etc.

DO hope those still fighting for their PIP get good news soon as well.


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  • Congratulations


  • thank you.

  • I'm so pleased for you Vanessa, well done. I submitted a request for reconsideration for the same reason but because I couldn't provide further medical evidence the decision was upheld. A case of bad timing for me as at the next Rheumy appointment a month after requesting reconsideration she examined my feet & I could have provided evidence of the damage from both my Rheumy & Podietrist. Ah well, at least not everyone's being unsuccessful which can only be a good thing!

  • This PIP thing really gets my goat. I didnt have any additional medical evidence.... but they did (partially) ignore the initial medical evidence. Maybe if you submit the evidence now with a note of change in circumstances they'd relook their decision? Hope it works out for you xx

  • Trouble is Vanessa if I do that now I'll have to go through the rigmarole again, you need to be reassessed & if the various sites I've visited are correct the immediacy is to clear the backlog of new claims & the switchover from DLA to PIP. I nearly phoned the DWP as my Rheumys examination, adjustment in meds & referral to Podietry was only a few weeks after I received notice that the original decision was upheld but feared I would be drawn straight into a change in circumstances. I received enhanced on daily living & to be honest the thing I would have found particularly helpful even over the extra award would have been a free pass straight to a Blue Badge but when I heard I still fell a few points short on mobility I applied for & was fortunate to receive one. I must say it's been a Godsend, it's made life far easier.

    You can bet I'll be armed with all the medical evidence they need when I have my review though! As I said, it doesn't make me any less pleased that others are being successful when asking for reconsideration though. x

  • My assessment tues 😕dreading it x

  • Good luck xx hoping for a favourable outcome for you. The assessment itself is not that bad - just make sure the assessor understands your difficulties xx

  • I've wrote notes down to take with me xxx

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