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Suggestions please?



Hope this post finds everyone in a good place today.

Since having both hips and both knees replaced as well as surgery on my feet (4 toes remain broken at mo) , I find that once I'm on the floor, I cannot get up off the floor without help.

I know this having suffered a couple of falls before Christmas .

However, I really want to do some kind of exercise , not just walking, to help my flexibility and to make me feel more able.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received!


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I went to see an Alexander Technique practitioner (privately) who was able to teach me how to get up off the floor and correct my posture in lots of ways. I had a six week course initially and then went monthly for a while and practised the techniques at home.

You may be able to get similar help from a physio, but I couldn't.

rokia in reply to oldtimer

I've never heard of it will I be able to google it? I live in NW9 london

oldtimer in reply to rokia

Yes - there is a central organisation which can give you local contacts and living in London you should be spoilt for choice.

rokia in reply to oldtimer

Many thanks hope you are ok

Eiram50 in reply to oldtimer

Thank you . I do see a physio but as yet, we had not addressed my getting up from the floor - stuck on my hands and neck at the moment!

Hi Maria. I have had triple foot fusions on both feet and have a collapsed right ankle, many other surgeries too. I am now going to a falls prevention class, it's a well researched program run by physio's at my local hospital. It's aimed at with anyone with balance problems. I haven't been able to get down on the floor or get up, which has caused problems in the past. They show you a safe way, unfortunately I still couldn't, but it's early days for me so hoping I strengthen my muscles enough to have another go. It may not be for you, as it's mostly older people, I'm sure if you could be referred by the doctor they may be able to arrange for a physio to give you a home visit and an exercise program you can maybe follow at home. I have been going for 4 weeks and already notice the difference, the exercises last an hour and half, bit long for me. I break them up when I do them at home. Good luck. X

Eiram50 in reply to Gigi71

Thanks Gigi

I'll ask the physio about this as I would really benefit .

As much as this is needed, I also want to find something that's fun and social ?


Gigi71 in reply to Eiram50

I'm still not to sure it would fulfil those needs, they are small classes, may differ in other areas. We have a man who has had a stroke, two with walking sticks, two other ladies both very nice, one in her middle eighties, who plays table tennis and another nearer my age, who is great fun, but on holiday at the moment. I am a very young at heart 'oldie' and very sociable so it doesn't bother me. The course runs for 12 weeks and you complete 12, which also suits as I have a couple of breaks away booked. There is also a talk on reasons that effect your balance as well, different topics each week. When this is over I will be looking for another suitable class, I also have osteo in my lower back and did a short exercise class for that last year. I don't get so motivated doing them at home unless I am going to a class. All the best. X

Eiram50 in reply to Gigi71

Yes , it's the class I'm looking for.

Thank you


Oops, just seen you are already seeing a physio, maybe you are following something similar. Before this I had wanted to go to an Alexander Technicque practitioner, there is one down the road from me, however at £60 pound a session a little steep for me. X


I started Pilates which I have found hugely beneficial and really enjoyable.

Where I live there are 'chair Pilates' sessions for people who can't do it on the floor. Would something like this be suitable?


Eiram50 in reply to JEM95

Morning JEM

That sounds ideal - I had no idea you could do Pilates this way. I will look into it and see if there are any classes in my area.

Thank you and have a good day.


JEM95 in reply to Eiram50

I love Pikates - I feel like a different person afterwards 😀

I saw a physio last October - she recommended it along with a number of exercises for my hips.

One of the things I found useful too (Physio s recommendation) was a wobble board - have a look on Amazon. I couldn't balance on it to start with - I can balance for over 5 minutes now. All these stretches and exercises have helped me so much.

Good luck!

I do a Pilates class for wonky people - some old, some damaged, some seriously unfit. The same teacher also has classes for those who are more incapacitated so sitting down, and for cancer sufferers and so on. She specialises in the more difficult and less sexy end of the market. So I should imagine there are other similar teachers where you are. It's £125 for 30 sessions and our wonky class have been with her for 3 years now, with all of us refusing to give up (or die) so she's now started another one as the people on the waiting list were getting impatient.

I was also impressed by the benefits of Tai Chi when in China - practised by some very frail people and very good for balance. But no classes near me.

And you can do small things at home to help. I stand on one leg when I brush my teeth (electric toothbrush with a timer..) and to start with I couldn't manage more than a couple of seconds. Now I go a full minute on each foot.

Eiram50 in reply to helixhelix

Thanks HH. Just feeling lately that I need to be doing a little more - to create energy you need to use energy - and all that jazz!

helixhelix in reply to Eiram50

Every Monday I totter off to my Pilates class grumbling, yawning and with low energy. Every Monday I leave my Pilates class feeling full of oxygenated blood whizzing round my body, and full of zip.....

Hi have you thought of doing Pilates? It's just an all round stretch and strengthens your muscles around the joints you've had replaced. It's v gentle.

Eiram50 in reply to RA13

I'd love too if I can do it in a chair? As yet, due to having had both hips and both knees replaced , I can't get down or up from the ground.

Definitely something I'll look into.

Thanks for the response.


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