Merry methotrexate

I am due to take my methotrexate on Christmas Day and wondered two things- whether it would be ok to move this to the Monday or Tuesday and as I have friends and family for Christmas dinner, whether it would be ok to have 1-2 (small) glasses of wine with dinner. I have been advised against using alcohol whilst on methotrexate and have always been a lightweight where alcohol is concerned but hey, it is Christmas?! Does anyone have any thoughts regarding this?

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  • I've moved my mtx by a day if I am out to a social and I want a drink. But check with the rheumy. And most of all enjoy Christmas 😃

  • Thank you for your response dtech - I will check. Wishing you a good one too!

  • I'm planning on missing Xmas choice 🙂

  • In the pack info it says if you forget you can take a day .or two late. I move my day for social reasons occasionally. All part of managing our condition I feel .

  • Hi I have moved my day for social reasons a couple of times this year and will again for Xmas. I was advised not to take two lots of the weekly dose within 5 days when returning to the usual pattern. My consultant suggested that mtx has a sort of half life so the effects last. And I am afraid I have never given up alcohol - just cut it down. 😉

    Enjoy !

  • The same as me! We're not saints and we've gotta have a life. I drink alcohol on mtx, but only small amounts. That suits me fine , added bonus, no hangovers ! Merry Christmas!

  • All great advice - thank you for replying. I hope everyone has a pain free, magical Christmas.

  • I just wanted to reply in support of other responses. I was on mtx for several years and did not give up alcohol. Also would move day if necessary when travelling, or skip a week if I had a cold or something. So, don't let it rule Christmas, work around it and have a lovely time.

  • It says if you forget to take MXT you can take it next day but not after that. I have missed a whole week occasionally for various reasons with no problem. As for drinking well I have a few if I am socialising but don't overdo it! Merry Christmas!

  • I suspect it depends on the amount of Methotrexate you take (and any other medications you may be taking as well). I take 12.5 mg of Methotrexate (weekly) and my rheumatologist told me that I could drink, provided I limit it to one or two drinks during special occasions. However, you should ask your rheumatologist to ensure that it is safe for you.

    When you ask, be specific about the amount you wish to drink and when (e.g., a family Christmas get together), otherwise your rheumy might think you're asking permission to imbibe "regularly."

  • I take 20mg methotrexate as well as enbrel , tramadol, arcoxia

    And paracetamol - I don't really drink as a rule but as I'm having everyone here Christmas Day for dinner , I had thought about having 1-2 glasses of wine ( probably topped up with soda water.

    On beginning methotrexate, my consultant told me it was best to

    Avoid alcohol but if using it, it to have more than maybe two

  • I to jiggle around taking my mtx depending on social events. I also have a glass of wine or two a couple of days a week depending on whats going on.

    We've got to have some life......haven't we?

  • I have moved my MTX day a couple of times since I started taking MTX a year ago. I take 15mg in tablet form.

  • If it was me . and I wanted to drink I leave it of for a week . don't take it . but it's in your system for 6 to 8 weeks so little drink and no more

  • Thank you- little , is the plan. Although I have to

    Wonder, how much, is too much?

  • How difficult is it to find a balance between meds and a boy for life - I so miss being social and vibrant? Feels hard just now😒

  • Typo!!! Not a boy for life but a "joy!!"

  • Although, a boy might be nice too

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