well whent to docs yesterday and the outcome

i have infections in nails on my big toes and i have a mouth infection in the throat

I have been saying for moths i had throat infection im now on antibiotics come back in 2 weeks see me.

meanwhile im still struggling walking its now like i have one leg longer than other doing my back no good and knees and ankles. anyone else feel like one leg is longer than other

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  • Hi, I'm sorry you are in pain, I have been told my hamstring in one of my legs is longer than the other leg. So far no problems from it though so I am lucky. Hope you get to feeling better.

  • I have one longer than the other. When I had my hips replaced the surgeon told me he'd shortened the monger one? I then had both knees replaced 3 months after hips and after a fall at Christmas, imaging showed that once again, one is longer - clearly buggered things up a little when they did my knees!


  • Longer- not monger- typo!

  • Sorry minka but I just have to say this...."stop sucking your big toe & your throat will get. better".....

    Seriously though it must be horrid...i hope the anti - B's clear it up quickly, & that you start to feel better soon!


  • SO glad you got some answers darling.xxxx

  • Isn't it an awful feeling when it feels like one leg is longer? Does it make you kinda twisted? I have been told I look very twisted when trying to walk, but RA has also affected my hip.

    I hope all of your infections clear up! Wishing you the best of luck!!!

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