well whent to the docs what a wast of time

all i got was ankle sprain

see you in 2 weeks 500 asprins and i brufen 400

took no notice of nodules on hands said they where just autheritis coming on

i know my body and i have seen thes come up before

so zonked out me head on asprin

hmm me thinks i will have to phone up my rumi doc at firfield see if i can get an appointment or book a private one with a guy called andrew boardman he sorted me hands out last time with a kenoloug injection

they r on 100k a year and i know more than them

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  • That's a shame John, that your appointment didn't go well. Looks like you'll have to pay to see someone privately as you want to get sorted pretty quickly. Good luck & go easy on the aspirins. 

  • That's awful Minka. Is it possible to demand a second opinion within your rheumatology dept? That might make them take your condition more seriously or at least explain their thinking to you properly. It would be a great shame to have to resort to the private sector before challenging the NHS bunch to do their jobs properly! Good luck and let us know what happens. 

  • My doctor wont give me asprins, I have to buy my own. She will only give me paracetamol, which I refused as they are useless.

  • I was diagnosed with RA last year, five years after I first presented at the Doctors. five years ago I thought sod this, I'll put up with it. at the beginning of last year I couldn't put up with it any more. I had to see the Doc again. I worked outside and looked too healthy for them to take me seriously. Whereas I could barely focus my eyes. it took 3 doctors before I got to one who actually read my notes. The best advice I got, came from a non-medical person, become an expert patient. The experience made me very angry, which didn't help me at all. I am sure that we are not alone and that among this group there are many similar stories.

    We may lack the vocabulary to describe pain but we endure it across it's entire spectrum. As with all conversations across my life, if I start a conversation well, it usually ends well. I spend at least an hour meditating before I contact or visit the surgery, the price of being irritable is high.

    Good luck keep smiling.


  • Hi Dave

    It is one of the unfortunate truths about the NHS, the more you know and the more eloquently you can express yourself the more response you get. Or put another way, those who (metaphorically) shout the loudest get the most.

    Playing the system I think you could call it.

    If I had known when I first became ill what I know now about talking to doctors and health professionals in general it would have been very useful. 

    Having the confidence to express yourself and sometimes your dissatisfaction with an outcome makes a huge difference. It shouldn't be that way. Everyone should be equal, unfortunately some are more equal than others it seems. 

    A second opinion is your right in the NHS. You can demand one if you are not happy with a response and they absolutely have to allow it. Doesn't mean it will be within a timeframe that suits you though. 

    I have walked out of an appointment with an unresponsive GP before, gone to reception and demanded an emergency appointment with another named GP who I know to be more empathetic. As long as you don't go in all guns blazing and slate their colleagues (and possibly friends), they are usually pretty good IME. 

    I like the idea of an hour meditating before a potentially heated appointment. 🙂

    All the best. 


  • Good advice. Unfortunately you do NOT have a legal right to a second opinion under the NHS, but you will generally get one if you ask... nhs.uk/chq/Pages/910.aspx?C...

  • Point taken, but I never said legal right 😀


  • I don't think there IS any other kind of right, is there?! 😆

  • Civil, human, conjugal 😳

    No I'm just messing. My mistake, I always thought it was a right. It looks like you'd be unlucky not to get one mind.

  • Sounds familiar! Yesterday I saw RA doc & I cried when I got home! I explained to him how much pain I was in & meds I'm on not helping the pain. He reckons my inflammation is low. I asked him for my DAS score, he ignored me but, I saw hin write it down, 3.5. He said the pain I'm suffering is due to a chemical reaction with all the meds I'm on, I've never heard such crap! He's to advise my GP to refer me to pain clinic & to give me different painkillers, I said I'm going on holiday in 2 weeks & im really struggling with my walking. His reply was that my GP will receive his letter in about 2 weeks! I'm so glad I no longer work for the couldn't care less NHS!!!!

  • Hi. I was beginning to think like you that the NHS couldn't care less about my hubby. After all it's not them who witness their loved ones crying in agony and being unable to alleviate their pain!! Not them who have to fight for hubby's prescription and seeing him go further downhill in the meantime. I could go on but I get angry!! We changed GPs a while ago, and they treat hubby like a human being, we felt like an inconvenience before!! It's so scary to think of people who live on their own and don't have any support, how on earth do they cope? Have you contacted PALS? We had to and they sorted out hubby's prescription within the day!! Having waited over 2 weeks for it!! Hope all gets sorted and you have a lovely hol. All the best, Sue xx

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