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Fatigue omega head to

Hi everyone

This is my first time I've posted on here. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis July 2016 after a long time of pain and stiffness in most of my joints fromantic head to toe. After all the blood tests, xrays and Ultrasounds I was told that I have very active Rheumatoid arthritis and was put on Methotrexate and Hydroxychloriquine with folic Acid, also told to keep taking the other medication I was already taking to control the swelling and pain ( Naproxen, Tramadol and Amitriptyline ) until they had the correct doses of Methotrexate and Hydroxychloriquine.

I have now been put on weekly injection of Methotrexate because my body was not absorbing it properly, but I'm still in a lot of discomfort with my joints and the fatigue is still as bad as it was before I started this course of treatment, most days I struggle to remain awake for 3 to 4 hours at a time.

I am currently working as a bus driver and I'm on a phased return to work doing one or two days a week of short shifts of about 8 hours . I don't know how long I'm going to be able keep working or how long they will keep me on.

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Ahh Hun- wow u sound you have been through the sorry to hear bout your troubles.....

Ok see your rheumatologist asap and tell them this is not working..... 3-4 awake hours a day is NOT acceptable.........tell them u need to try something new......


Try a biologic if u can...much less side life changed since starting them........ Please don't leave it too long......

I would tell u my story but I will be here all day.......mexotextrate and hydrochoriquine are cheap drugs....that's why the hospital starts with them...... New meds such as biologics are expensive but much less side effects.... Don't be scared to tell them something isn't working...sometimes we are so polie we make ourselves ill..... There are LOTS of other better drugs out don't be afraid to ask.......please


Hi,with regular blood tests your rheumatologist should be aware of your problem, contact them and explain your problem as sometimes the blood tests get missed for observations. I had the same problem and the same medication but after a three month assessment I now have Benepali injections as well and find that i have great improvement in my movements and pain.

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Hi jackadoodle

Thank you for your reply, my Rheumatology team have been keeping an eye on my bloods and think I'm not absorbing the methotrexate completely and that's why the fatigue is so bad. I have a review at the start of March with a view to either increase the methotrexate or change me onto biologics .

Hoping for a result sometime soon


Hi Phoo2

Thank you for your advice, I've spoke to my Rheumatology department and have an appointment with them at the start of March, they think my body is not absorbing the methotrexate completely and are considering changing me onto biologics . Will let you know how that works out .


Gosh I wouldnt dare to drive a bus on the medication keep safe! I would get on to my doctor to sort it asap does he know what your job is? Hope you're sorted soon

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Hi sandylo

Thanks for your concern. I will always keep safe, I spent most of last year off work due to the Meds and fatigue only recently returning to work on a phased return. Don't know how much longer the company is going to accommodate my absence and if they will wait much longer for for the specialist's to get the right Meds for me.

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Do hope they get you sorted big hugs xx


I know what a worry work and money can be. I had been off work for about 6 months and am now on a phased return....I got a letter from ur saying that my full time sick pay is ending and I am now now on half time sick pay....I was sick with worry at how I would afford my mortgage each month.......luckily I have just started my new biologic so shouldn't have to worry for much longer........although why the hospital took 6 months to swop medication is ridiculous!!!! Gonna have to complain so it doent happen again.......

Also looked at my contract and I my sick days are NOT reset each year which is a massive worry,...,...anyway...look carefully at your contract and terms of sick is illegal for them to sack you if you are genuinely ill.....are you a member of a union? Can you talk to them????

All the best


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