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Rheumatoid Arthritis or ?????


I have a question? I’m a 64 year old women. Can rheumatoid arthritis start in the shoulders and the hips?

I was first diagnosed March 2017 with PMR and put on prednisone, until my left shoulder got really bad in August. I could hardly lift my arm. Rheumatologist sent me for MRI. There was synovitis and effusion. She put me on methotrexate and Sent me to a Orthopedic surgeon for his opinion. Long story short I had shoulder arthroscopic surgery. He found much inflammation, removed bone spur. Bad pain still in left shoulder and left hip. Other side of body does not hurt as bad. I’m now on Enbrel, Methotrexate and 7.5mg prednisone. I don’t have pain in my small joints could this still be rheumatoid arthritis?

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Don't know judy but i had hip i couldnt walk on before small hand joints, despite my rheumatologist saying doesn't affect large joints and frozen shoulder years before. Not sure what PMR is; have rheumatology not told you or are you waiting on tests? I'm 61 and anti ccp positive: you do not look 64! 😃 Wish you well.

Judyp1203 in reply to Hidden


I had all the blood tests. My rheumatologist said I have seronegative RA. I just wondered if anyone else’s RA started in shoulders and hips?

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Hi Judy I have had it 36 years now. I have never had it in hip but both shoulders were badly damaged with RA and right knee. My immune system has favourite joints. My right thumb, left wrist and left shoulder. It's attacked others but loves those particular joints.


Hiya Judy, welcome. Typically RD is usually notice first in the smaller hand or foot joints & affects larger joints later on, as you probably know but a joint is a joint & so although it's less common it can affect the shoulders or hips earlier on. I have shoulder issues, just had steroid injections into it so far but it's just my left, no problems as yet with my right. As it is you have a diagnosis of seronegative RD & being treated so it's of little consequence really, although I do understand it's a niggling type of question you needed answering.

In one way you're fortunate, seronegative RD is often harder to diagnose given it doesn't always follow the 'normal rules' needed for a diagnosis, although your previous diagnosis of PMR may have been a red herring. As it is you're now being appropriately treated on an anti-TNF, DMARD & steroids so I'd say yes, you can have RD with little or no small joint involvement, plus you have effusion & synovitis in your shoulder joint, proof if it were needed of your Rheumy's diagnosis. Osteophytes as I understand it are usually a result of breakdown of cartilage, most commonly due to OA but as you were having imaging to determine the cause of your pain this is when they were detected, though I'm afraid that could also rear it's ugly head elsewhere, I hate to say it but because of your age. I was diagnosed with OA at the same time as my RD diagnosis & it ain't going away! 😏

Thank you so much for your replies!!!! I guess I’m lucky my rheumatologist is treating this as aggressive as she is. I did not want to go on methotrexate...I kept wanting to think it’s PMR...until the MRI

Hi. I have RD in larger joints. Only small joint is thumb and that started after elbows, collar bones etc. Im on methx, sulph, hydroch, plus pain relief 4 times a day, had steroids by injection and tablets etc etc. Rheumy says not in remission yet. Diagnosed 18 months ago. Just to throw that into your mix of very useful replies above.

I have "Myopathy," which is where the muscles eat away at the healthy issues in your muscles. It contributes to my being inbalanced, unable to stand, sit or walk for a long time. I also have something called "Frozen Shoulder." Both are part of autoimmune disorders. Perhaps you have the same..?

My first outward symptom was my knee so am guessing it could start in the shoulder they spotted the damage on X-ray that had been going on tho.

And u must get ra in ur larger joints because they are counted in the das score

First of all you are beautiful!I had trouble with my shoulders about 6 yes ago.Sounds like what your going through.And yes I have RA . Glad your on meds to control it.

Judyp1203 in reply to Beviejon1

Thank you so much for the compliment! You’ve brightened my day. It’s so hard waking up in pain everyday.

Yes, it can definitely start in the shoulder. Don't know about the hips personally.

Hi judy my ra started in my feet then both shoulders then hands and have hip problems but rheumatology said that was osteoarthritis in hips not ra but I'm not convinced because when ra flares my hips hurt to

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