I am newbie to this site

I am Tanya I have Rheumatoid Arthritis for 5 years I have weekly injections of methotrexate injections and etanercept injections along with folic acid and naproxen. These help keep my flare up under control most of the time.

I am a complementary therapist so I am very interested in alternative methods in which to control my own pain and keep me working in a job I love very much.

I have two grown up children who are married with their little families. I try to keep my self as healthy as I can so I can enjoy my time with my five grandchildren. I do struggle some day's but I want to be in control and not RA in control of my life...... easy said than done some days.

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  • Hello and welcome 💐 Tanya! I'm also a believer in alternative therapies to help manage my RA alongside the prescribed Hydroxychloroquine. Hope you can share your experiences here. I find yoga really helps me and my pain ( mad I know, but it really does ) and general stress levels.


  • Thank you for your reply ksee;

    I love my yoga for clearing my mind it's my Me time 😊 it's great to hear your a fan of alternative therapies to help you manage your RA too.

    As a therapist I think it's important for me to look after myself; as that's the advice I give my clients. I do have regular massages and reflexology I love them, they are my favourite to do and receive. You have to find out what works for, as what works for me mine not for you.

    I try positive thinking and love self hypnosis for relaxation and pain relief. I had to work really hard at this until it became part of my daily life. I do it even night to help me sleep better xx

    What have you tried? What did you find helpful Ksee and I am so pleased your believe in alternative therapies that makes me very happy.

    Good luck xx

  • An idea to look into AIP diet and LDN ldnresearch.org. 😊

  • Thank you I am looking at it so thanks for your advice simba1992. X

  • Hi Tanya...like you, yoga is me time , focus within and my breath. I'm afraid I can't afford massages and reflexology but can Reiki myself. I also try positive thinking and enjoy volunteering with the elderly once a week as well as my job with people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour.

    I'm looking forward to my first grandchild next month. ( I'm 61 😱) and looking at all the baby stuff in shops is my current hobby 😂

  • How exciting for you and congratulations to; they bring you so much love and Joy. Enjoy every time you spend with your new grandchild they change so much in their first year 😊

    Wow you do voluntary work as well as yor job; it's nice you are giving your time to others. Working with learning difficulties must be rewarding it takes a special person to do a job like that so well done you.

    I nice you can reiki yourself you will get some relief from that. I do a reduced rate for people with chronic conditions as they need them the most. Have you ever asked if anyone would do the same for you?

    Enjoy your bundle of joy when they come 🎊

  • Oops Tanya...I meant GREAT grandchild!! LOL! I have bad days too and I know that if I need to rant, the kind people here understand. Mainly I learn & get inspired by the advice and support. X

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