Ok started to fill in the forms, i am just having a cuppa tea. My wrist shoulder and neck are all hurting so think i am going to stop for today. I t is very hard but i am finding that it makes you think about what this nasty disease makes us all feel like. I have put down exactly how i feel day to day. Just said to my husband they will think i am a proper nut job. Hope all of you are well and thank you all for your support. x

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  • I did mine over 3 days I kept a note pad to had from when things came to mind and jotted things down in sections other wise I just couldn't have done it hope it goes well for you

  • I did mine over a week

    I think they will also think I'm a nutter too

    I sent mine a couple of weeks ago.

  • Hope you get good news. xx

  • It's my second attempt

    Applied last year and turned down

  • Oh no thats not good, wonder how any of the government would feel filling in this form. You are put under pressure to beg for money. I only wish i was fit to go out and work. Hope you will get it this time. Why did you not get it. xx

  • Said I can walk 200 m

  • Thank you. x

  • Hi Blueboy

    It is very difficult to fill in this form. The Citizens Advice Bureau filled mine in as it's not obvious how to answer some of the questions. They pointed out sections I thought didn't apply to me in reality were relevant. It is hard to accept some of the effects of rd. I hope it all goes well for you.

  • Thank you it is very hard.. All the reading you have to do, made me feel ill.

  • Hi Blueboy

    Initially the CAB told me to fill the form myself. I put rough notes on a photocopy of the form and took it back to them to check. I explained it was difficult and painful to write clearly. Then the CAB took over filling in the form.

    It is depressing to sort out a claim for ESA or PIPs because you have to describe your RD at it's worse. Hope you manage to sort it all out. Please text me anytime I can help you?

    Best wishes

  • Thank you so much, it is so hard, i am going to go to the CAB as could not do it on my own. x Hope you are felling good. x

  • Did you get your PIP x

  • Before you fill form pip take it to welfare right officers,citizen advices,charities & benefit &work Web side.

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