Hi all ok just got my letter for my face to face for 5th may at 8am, not to far away from home. I am so not looking forward to it, panicking already and know i can't do anything about it. How long after your face to face is your money stoped, i really don't think i will get it. Thanks all. xxx

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  • Tell them how it is on your worst day xxx

  • I tried to claim PIp recently in the process of appealing. Been rejected once before.

    The advice I would give is take a taxi if you can afford it and go with someone. That was my mistake.

    Good luck


  • My daughter will be with me and driving, i am driving myself mad reading up about this face to face on the benefits and work group. I really don't think i will get it but i am still here with a little fight in me so will see. I just was reading even if you tell them about your worst day. You must have them for 50% of the time.As with my RA one day i can't move another i will feel a bit better. Always in pain and very down most of the time. It is worked to catch us out, If you can't chop veg you surly can't drive. To me driving is a lot easier than chopping veg, what i don't even do anymore. Thanks hun, so when did you get your last DLA payment. Just sorting our money out thinking how much worse off we will be without it. I only wish that i was a fit healthy 51 year old. xxxxxx

  • I'm still working part time. I've never claimed DLA. But I used to work full time so my salary is a lot less now. Thought getting PIP would help. When I had face to face appointment I was reasonably well as had a steroid injection a couple weeks beforehand.

    Let's hope my appeal is fruitful.

    Good luck

  • Good Luck, hope you get your pip soon. xx

  • I managed to get PIP recently. Was having a bad day, so that helped. My husband held my arm as I am unstable. They were very friendly, but it helped that I had looked at the Citizens Advice website about PIP as this gives some useful advice. All the best

  • Hi Blueboy,

    I have my PIP f2f on 3rd May, 42 mile round trip, but hopefully disabled parking will be available. I'm going to read through the Benefits & Work Guide a couple of days before and take a couple more letters from Rheumatologist & Ankle Surgeon with me. The appointment letter says you can produce fresh evidence - not that I didn't send plenty of evidence before.

    I don't think anyone has read my application form yet as I was hoping for a paper assessment. After 46 years of erosive RA since childhood, the Dr's letters saying things like, "she continues to be troubled by pain, continuous level of significant stiffness throughout the day .... considerable functional impairment. She has chronic deformities, chronic damage with pain. Bilateral extensive arthritis through the foot, this really does involve all of the joints, she suffers global hind foot pain. Radiographs show involvement from metarsophalangeal joint all the way through to the ankle.

    It makes me mad that Atos & DWP don't read what you send. I'm supposed to be seeing a medical professional at a physio centre, whether or not they will be a physio I'm not sure, but it makes me angry that they think they know better than my ankle surgeon! Oooh, don't get me started. Good luck Blueboy, exchange notes after 5th?

  • Thank you, understand what you are saying, i have had my right knee done and on list for my left, also hip and back pain. My feet and ankles are affected to so hard to walk, sent all my letters in to. Good luck i think we need it. Yes up date after the 5th. xxx

  • Any news yet, have you requested your PA4 F2F medical report?

  • Hi yes i have requested the report. But nothing yet. Thanks for asking will let you know. xx

  • Received my decision yesterday. 21 points for care and 12 for mobility, for an ongoing period which in DWP terms means indefinite but they are no longer allowed to say that. Happy with my result. Hope yours is successful too, took 3 weeks for decision from F2F.

  • Wow i am so pleased for you, got a letter on friday to say they have all they need to make a decision made my hands shake as thought it was the decision letter. xx Enjoy and relax a little now. xxxx Will let you know. x

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