Hi all, Ok got my forms for pip on Friday they have to be back 12th Feb. How long after returning the forms do you wait for a face to face. Also when will my payments of DLA stop. My Daughter is due to have baby and she wanted me to be with her, but she is 200 miles away from me. I am not fit enough just to be able to drive all over the country. So just wanted to know how fast things move with this PIP. This has taken some of my excitement away for seeing my new baby grandson. Feel like saying i just don't want it but i can't as we really need it. Sorry its not a happy post. Hope your all as well as you can be. x

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  • If I were you I would call Sep and ask them the above questions as I guess each area is different waiting times , good luck with the new baby , how wonderful x

  • Thank you. Am i being thick. but what is Sep? Cant wait for baby xxx

  • Oh good ah my typos are notorious ! DWP !

  • Lol thanks. xx

  • Morning blueboy,

    As allanah said each area is different. My PIP forms were sent off begining of March, I had my assessment end of May so around 3/4 month's, in Leicestershire. It's now 6 week's off a year and I've just put in for an appeal!! Crazy isn't it !!!

    On a more glorious note how wonderful your baby grandson is due, I had my first grandchild,a little girl,Genevieve in November last year, best medication there is, early congratulations blueboy do let us know when the new addition arrives.

    Take care Linda x

  • Thank you Lesley i can't wait for him to be here, this pip is just put a bit of a cloud over it . xxxx Hope you are well. xx

  • Congratulations on the new addition to your family🎉

    I got mine as well on Friday, which was a shock because I had been awarded PIP until Feb 18, anyway I called them and they gave me an extension until the 23rd of Feb only 10 days but at least it's something. I asked the question regarding an interview, she said if nothing has changed no, but depending if thing have changed significantly then probably they will.

    So although your circumstances are a little different they may give an extension so worth the phone call, they will not stop your payments if forms are. Received back by the date given and while they are processing your PIP claims. If you call them once the forms are back they should give you some indication on how long they are taking to process in your area.

    Sorry not sure if that is much help.


  • Congratulations on your grandchild you must be so excited 😊 I changed over from DLA to PIP last year. I got my forms in September, rang up for a 2 week extension which was no problem and sent them back beginning of October. They confirmed by tx message that they had been received, although I did send them recorded delivery. Received a letter from ATOS about face to face interview end of October which was at home. Received my letter confirming results within two weeks, high rate for both just as before. It all went very smoothly and I also requested a copy of the face to face report which didn't have any surprises in it. I may have just been lucky that it went so smoothly, but think positive and provide as much evidence as you can from consultants and gp. It is worrying going through the process, I hope everything goes well for you 👣X

  • Forgot to say I am from the north west 😍

  • I got mine to be handed in by 10th Nov but as I needed help to complete it they extended it for a further 2 weeks. I got mine in for 20 November and sent it recorded delivery so I had evidence for posting. Received a text saying it had arrived. I got a letter giving me a home assessment on 11th January, but I had 3 hospital appointments on that day, so I phoned up they allowed me to change to 17th, so if you are expecting to be there for the birth, let them know what is happening, and they can let you know if that is ok to change appointment time. Be open and honest as if you are anyting like me and tell a lie it is very quickly worked out and then that lie will lead to everything being carefully checked in case of more lies or inconsistencies

    The following 2 days after the face to face. I rang because I had forgotten to tell them 2 things, on the first day and 1 thing on 2nd day, although I had put it in my 16 page printed document in addition to 40 page document, because I had run out of space.

    I asked the assessor how long to wait for an answer and was told 6-8 weeks. So I now have up to middle of March to wait for a response. So in my case around 6 months. I live in Yorkshire area

    So let them know that you are hoping to go away, the dates and possible later if overdue. Enjoy what the future may be bringing. I know its a stressful time, but help them to help you. And wishing you and your family a very happy future x

  • Hi Peecue, Can i ask are you still getting your DLA payments? I will talk to them and ask about the extension and see if they can give me a few more weeks. It would be nice as my daughter has had a difficult pregnancy. Hope you will get the answer that you need from them, so very stressful for us all. Thank you. xxx

  • Hi just to let you know i phoned DWP and got extra 2 weeks, so i have a little more time. xx

  • Yes I am until they come up with their final assessment and if you goto appeal Tey don't withdrw everything like the used to apparently

  • Hi I had my letter in December and went for my face to face the first week in Jan and then they give you a reply within two weeks but then tell you that your money is going over to monthly paid but that it is in area's so you have to go a month without that extra help so you really lose that money as you only get that back if you don't receive help again. It's all stressful and we can really do without. I hope this helps Di

  • Will be 6wks for me.my assessment 1st Feb

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