Aids for cleaning skirting boards etc?

Hi folks

Can any one suggest anything to help clean skirting boards, and other low down things? I really struggle cleaning things adequately. I can't kneel down, and my back is pretty stiff.

Also how do you guys clean high up on cupboards and the like. I'm not particularly house proud, but I'm not keen on muck!

Any suggestions would be appreciated. 😄

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  • Hi Hector,

    Get someone else to do it, I do!

    Failing that there's a range of long handled brushes/feather dusters or even a steam mop with all sorts of gadgets.

    But I thoroughly recommend saving your energy for things you don't struggle with.

    Love, Legs x

  • Can't afford a cleaner, and flat has to be cleaned sometimes!

    I'll do a search, see what can find.

    Thanks very much for response.

  • I would suggest for everything but the high cupboards that you might consider a steam mop with a long handle extension, these mops come with very efficient microfibre clothes and clean and sanitise a multitude of surfaces easily often with no chemicals necessary. Normally available on ebay under steam mops you should find one for around £35-£70. I think i paid around £30 for mine on offer it has multiple tool attachments and has proved to be exceptional, mine is made by wolf electrics who i think were part of black and decker, it is a very distinctive bright yellow unit and similar are available by different manufacturers, hope that helps, only think i would add is if you are in a bad water area i would use filtered water. Good luck.


  • Agreed, but hygiene is also important. I have a large, much loved dog who brings in all sorts. Plus, it's good for my mental health to try and stay on top of things. I hate living in chaos. Everyone is different though.

    I think a steam cleaner sounds like a good option.

    Thanks all.

  • I use a low seat, a lightweight hoover with an extension hose.

    For general hoovering I use a fax, lightweight cordless hoover,

    I agree with previous comments, resting and your health is far more important than a clean house,

  • I've seen long handled feather dusters in the Range.

  • I think that advice may cover a few categories Ruth!

  • 😁😂😁

  • A Dyson, with all the extra attachments.

  • Im saying nothing else for fear of being sanctioned

  • The DC 49 is the smallest, lightest cylinder they do. I can't stand a dirty home either, the Pain Clinic tell me not to "push through", but I'm not letting 46 years of joint destruction, deformity and severe end stage disease prevent me from being clean. Weakened immunes need to be careful anyway. Taking shoes off at the door helps a lot. If I allowed my home to get dirty, it would impact on my mental wellbeing, which, I am lucky to say, has not suffered so far. RA teaches resilience.

  • For high up dust I have an extendable feather duster and for skirting boards I have dusters that are slip on Over shoe type things so I walk around with them and don't have to bend down.

  • That sounds a good idea Martand!

    Love, Legs x

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