Much needed sunshine.😎

Well today my arms refused to do what I wanted to do! OA just 'screams' at my body 'THERE'S NO WAY YOUR DOING THAT TODAY'. Things I need to do, trying to get things sorted, have a spring clean, chuck the rubbish things out that's not needed. I'm trying to get started & ready for moving home, which should hopefully be within the next 6 wks. A tadge difficult when you live by yourself.

So, gave up on that idea.

Sat in the sunshine instead listening to mother nature. Happy Days 🌞

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  • It has been a beautiful day here in the Midlands and we have been sitting outside and have only just come indoors.xxxxx

  • It's been gorgeous here in Telford in Shropshire, but now the sun has gone round. Hopefully more of this gorgeous sunshine will continue in the days ahead 🌞 x

  • Hi Sylvi, we managed to plant 38 dahlias today...Soooo is our bet still on about who has the most beautiful dahlias? Midlands or Coquitlam? I love gardening..:)

  • Where do you live darling as we haven't planted ours yet. It was a lovely day yesterday and i made a start on setting some cornflowers and dead heading the daffs.xxxxxx

  • The weather here has started to go back to normal. So us Vancouverites (Canada) can start the planting now. Yipee.

    All my plants in the garden are behind in blooming because of the crazy weather we had this year. My daffs & tulips are just starting to bloom. My azaleas & poppies are starting to bloom too :)

  • So Sylvi, I reread what I wrote and I guess I should clarify. Yes I planted 38 dahlias, but my hubby dug the holes. He also cleaned up the yard, pushed the wheelbarrow and washed the deck.....and I I wish I could have done more, but I was exhausted. I'm still trying to find my endurance. I'm better than I was, but I'm not quite normal yet.

  • Darling i so understand what your saying, i can only work in my garden in the mornings as by lunchtime i have had enough,so i try to do little and often and rest in between. I find the fatigue the hardest part of all thats wrong with me.xxxx

  • We will win hands down ha ha ha ha.xxxxxx

  • Game on Sylvi. :) I think you are a wonderful gardener. You are always posting lovely photos....but my dahlias will win ;)

  • Now we are not having a pissing contest because i will win because hubby comes from farming stock and he has two allotments and we can get muck from the farmer. pmsl.xxxxx

  • HAHAHA ....let the contest begin..who has the best dahlias Coquitlam or Bucklington?

    ( did I spell your city right? I remember you said you lived there before)

  • SlyvI & Suzannedale, reading through your post, I'm getting very intrigued about the out come of this competition you have between you both.

    As for me, I don't have many plants to show off at the moment, only have a few pots, so can't join the competition. My daffs came up blind!

    Hopefully this time next year, everything will be in full colour within my new garden. 🌱🌹🌻🌞

  • Ruthytootie2 come join us. The more the merrier!! It's just the very begining of the season. Or it is where I live :)

  • It's Springtime, so obviously things are just starting to liven up. But it's another gorgeous sunny day, albeit with a slight chill in the air. 😎

  • Bulkington darling,I will win darling. ha ha ha ha ha.xxxxx

  • Nice here in Essex hope it continues x

  • Keep our fingers & toes crossed if we're able πŸ˜‰ x

  • Even nice here in edinburgh!

    Glad you gave up the struggle and rested on such a nice day.

  • It has been a beautiful day here in Vancouver. The sun was out and I enjoyed absorbing Vit D. We even did some gardening!! Love the spring!!

  • Hi Ruthy I feel sorry for you moving on your own,we have just moved my body wouldn't let me do much at all.

    Anyway really enjoyed the sunshine yesterday we even had lunch outside, but it did get a bit chilly when the clouds came over.

    Hope your move goes well.

    Regards Mike

  • It's the packing I'll have to do by myself. The family will help on the day of the move, thank goodness. Still be shattered at the end of it though.

  • Well done!

  • Hi Ruthietootie2

    Good for you! That sunshine won't always be there so grab it while you can I say!


  • I agree can we not swap weather for somewhere nice and hot

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